IMPORTANT NOTICE before the release of Homeworld Remastered Collection!


To ensure compatibility and stability of Homeworld Remastered Collection, it is REQUIRED that you update all hardware device drivers and install the latest version of DirectX before release.

If you’re running on an AMD or NVIDIA graphics card, you must also enter your Video Card Control Panel (NVIDIA Control Panel / Catalyst Control Center) and verify that everything is up-to-date, including Drivers and DirectX.

For help or assistance with Homeworld Remastered Collection or SHiFT, visit


Why did you choose DirectX? The HW2 engine had excellent OpenGL support. Now porting to Mac or Linux is going to be much much harder. I had hoped a Mac/Linux port could be coming sometime after initial release. /sadpanda

DX? Wasn’t it on OpenGL 3.3 ?

AFAIK D3d was doing some other stuff in the HW2 engine, but OpenGL was doing the primary rendering in HW2. I’d be surprised if OpenGL was dropped.

Curious to how the game will run with an Intel GPU, I’m guessing they aren’t running well enough on the remastered versions to mention. :stuck_out_tongue: My AMD GPU suffered a painful death, so I’m stuck with a HD3000 temporarily for a week, won’t let that stop me from playing it though…

Can confirm that game engine does use OpenGL3.3

We’re asking users to update to the latest version of DX as a precaution. Best bet is to have everything up to date!


Any chance this will run on Win10?

Don’t worry about W10 :smile: It will.

Chances are if you are running it on an unsupported and not yet officially released OS, you will forfeit all support.

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Thank you for the answer Jeffybug. That is what I had hoped. :smile:

Nice preemptive strike! But I bet you will still get some guy bugging support that this is not running well on his voodoo card. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Trying to get as many people prepped to enjoy Homeworld (in 45 minutes!) as possible :slight_smile:


Yes, we try to on all are releases also, but it always amazes me the number of the people that wont, don’t, don’t even understand what you are talking about, Have something so old it is not even worth plugging in and expect it to work, or say they did but didn’t.
Heck people on steam are freeking out on the release times, like this is there first game on steam or something?!? or do not understand time zones, or the concept that release should happen when the devs and support are in office just in case there is a big problem etc. crazy.

My congratulations AND sympathies to all of you on your pending release :smiley: