Important Notice for Battleborn Closed Technical Test Xbox One Players

We’re sending an email out with this information now, but wanted to make sure it got here as well:

[quote]The Battleborn Closed Technical test starts tomorrow and we’ve already squashed our first bug – that’s what we call a good start! It turns out that some Xbox gamerpic formats may be incompatible with Battleborn’s Closed Technical Test.

If you experience crashes during startup, changing your gamerpic to a more recently released option should help. You can even change back to your previous gamerpic if you’d like! This bug only affects a small percentage of people, but it’s more likely to occur for players that have never changed their gamerpic before.

Preemptively refreshing your gamerpic before the Closed Technical Test begins at 1 PM EST / 10 AM PST on Thursday, October 29 should ensure that the game works for you.

To update your gamerpic, follow the steps below:

  1.   While signed-in, launch the ‘Settings’ app
  2.   Select ‘About Me’
  3.   Select ‘Customize profile’
  4.   Select ‘Change gamerpic’

If you do experience crashing and a gamerpic refresh doesn’t help, please contact our support team at

That is one of the weirdest bugs I’ve ever heard of…


We think so too!


I hope this doesn’t affect me. I love my old gamerpic from the Xbox 360 and managed to keep it thus far on the Xbox One (6+ years in total). Even my girlfriend won’t let me change it. We’ll see.

So what’s the gamerpic? Now I’m curious…

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It’s not any one specific gamerpic, but a bunch of the legacy ones. Has to do with a backend file format change.

How long will the test last?

what??? do i need to change my Gears of War gamerpic that i unlocked by completing the game on insane, THATS INSANE! :wink: Do we get free Battleborn gamerpics :stuck_out_tongue:


I agree

Cause it’s not a bug, just a case of Xbox scopophobia …

Next, please! :acmjk:

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Servers still not up???

It’s not 1pm EST yet, they won’t be up for another 5 hours. Patience, good things come to those who wait. :smiley:

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Double checked my avatar for good measure…it should be sufficient. How about thr preview dashboard is that causing issues?

Will be or have Character vs Character ?

Are you asking will there be 1v1 competitive fights in the game? If so, the answer, to my knowledge, is no. Teams are 5 players each in the 3 competitive modes, and up to 5 players in the co-op I believe. In co-op the enemies will scale in difficulty based on how many people are in the team.

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Which time does the servers come online in the nordic regions ?

Will there be a co-op buddy system so to speak of? In the lobbies can you invite your friends like on the old Borderlands system? Finally as just an aesthetics bit, any variation on the tag above peoples names to differentiate friends from random co-op players?

Thank you!

Yes, It specifically seems to deal with the Legacy gamerpics from the Xbox 360. The odd thing is, once I tried to load up Battleborn with the old one, my Xbox system would lag out when trying to access my “Settings” or "About Me’ area, until I rebooted. I tried a couple of times, and as long as it was Battleborn first, I couldn’t get in to change my pic. When I did the pic first, everything worked fine.

Ok this queue takes forever.