Important question about 'Wound'

So I saw Galilea can ‘Wound’ an enemy. I am just not exactly sure what it does. It says that it prevent healing. Does this mean healing from every source?

Absolutely, yes. I’m surprised no one has answered this simple question for two days.

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Yep, me too. T_T Pretty annoying it got answered so late, so thank you a lot for the answer.

What does the “wound” status effect look like? how can I tell if a teammate isn’t able to be healed?

Correct me if I’m wrong, this doesn’t stop Regeneration, as that’s distinct from “healing”.

Unfortunately i dont think there is any visual clue about it, at least i’ve seen a lot of people complain about it.
Not just this one but as a whole, there are too many useless effects goin on and very few visual clues about actual relevant info.

I can’t confirm, but it would make sense that it would stop regeneration as well.

I’ve asked a friend of mine who exclusively plays gally, and he said the only effect he can perhaps remember seeing is purple triangles. However, yes, I’ve seen many people complain that they never noticed when someone was wounded, so the effect needs to be changed to something more obvious (If the effect even exists at all).

The interesting question would be if Reyna can heal through it via her mutation.