Important question

@Jeffybug @joekgbx
I heard there was a skin for Aurelia, was it named after me.
I think we know what skin I’m talking about.

Nobody knows what Blut means and who else uses the term blutiful?

Don’t know anything about that one.

According to the wiki, Bold and Blutiful, reward for round 4 of the Dahl Combat Training/Shock Drop Slaughter Pit. Where’s the skin referencing my username Gearbox!!! Worst game ever!!! [/sarcasm]

Can you find out? It’s important. It’s important information about the game.

You haven’t done as many guides as I have.

A reference ti Bluto Blutowski from Animal House?

I was under the impression that it was a reference to Aurelia’s E-Cig of choice, the “Blu” brand E-Cig. I hear she’s a big Steven Dorf fan.

Aurelia is above “vaping”. When you’re a Baroness, “only Blu will do”.

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I’m going to assume that was a joke because Blu’s are terrible e-cigs. I used to have one, I switched to a real vape.

Yea, but Steven Dorf.

Who is a massive joke, just like Jeff.

He was good as a Beatle in Backbeat!

I was expecting to read “cigarette” at the end of that sentence. haha

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She also has a legendary skin named after me. Its called The New Hotness. BOOM!

Yea sorry for the horrible joke.
…I have nothing better to do.

I’m not even going to try to compete!

Knowing me, the British word for cigarette.