Imported Character Achievements

Just curious if it’s by design that importing a maxed out, fully completed Play through 1 & 2, with almost all DLCs complete character won’t trip all the level, quest, or exploration achievements.

Was that way in BL2 as well from what I recall.

Ok. Found old thread that describes the problem. Guess I have to do a full play through again to get them, since the only other way involves hacking on my original BL save…

Yes, it was. You can trigger certain achievements by travelling to a particular map. For example, heading to the starting locations for the Knoxx and Robolution DLCs triggered a bunch of achievements on my max level character. This means, for example, that I DON’T have to collect robot parts, panties, fish, pizza, oil cans, and 3D glasses (thank the almighty robot policeman!)

Basically, the achievement check is done when ever you complete a step required in the progression (e.g. trigger a change in map location) so you can re-earn some of the achievements easily. Others, not so much.

So if you have one side quest left to do in a particular section, completing it will unlock any achievement requiring all side quests in that region.

Yeah, that’s what sucks. My Lilith character only has things like the quest from Marcus to replay the Knox armory on both play throughs…

Guess I’ll have to start a fresh one to knock out all the exploration things.

Going to the different maps should trigger the exploration achievements, at least - pretty sure I triggered those with my imported Mordecai and Lilith. I got about 15-20% of the achievements done just by using the FT network.

It only did for arriving at the DLC locations. All the main games ones aren’t triggering. I guess the DLC ones had some internal counter showing I had arrived for the “first time” even though I’d already been through the content. BL2 did a lot of the same stuff.

I am yet to buy the Xbox one GOTY Edition and just wanted confirmed clarification that aside from achievements, an uploaded character’s actual mission progress will be consistent with the 360 backwards compatibility version. I’m currently playing the 360 version on my Xbox one with my partner, so I would want to know that after uploading a character, we could just carry on from the mission we were up to, with all missions we’ve done still completed. Thanks

Yes, absolutely. Including (unfortunately) any of those bugged or zombie missions you may have picked up along the way. Note that the transfer is one way only (at least on XB1), and you’re original saves are left intact so you still have them available if you want them.