Imported saves into both games, no 75 golden keys or BAR (or bonuses)

Can’t connect to SHiFT and can’t see any of the “Downloadable Content.” I’m hoping this is just a server issue but since the saves are already loaded in, will the perks be given when the issues are resolved?

And not too thrilled at the screen tearing going on within TPS on XB1.

Not sure if the day one patch was pulled down or not but I’ve reset the game and system multiple times and it’s not downloading anything so not sure what else to check.

We’ve passed along word to the team regarding missing badass ranks. In the meantime, please submit a support ticket at or

Regarding the 75 Loyalty Reward keys, loyalty rewards were temporarily delayed. Please see Update on Borderlands: The Handsome Collection Loyalty Rewards (UPDATED 4/2) and

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Thanks Jeff, submitted the ticket as requested. Thanks for the update!

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Do you really want everyone in the U.S. who has this game to submit a ticket about our BAR? I don’t mean to be harsh here, but didn’t you all test this? I doubt this BAR issue is all of the sudden new. Someone definitely dropped the ball here.


I just want to know if I can play it now or not? My ticket says it’ll be 24 to 48 hours for a response. So do I play, or will that forever lose me my BAR?

This day one update is real 2 hrs 8.31Gb lol.

Are you saying there’s a day one update available now?

8gb day one update? Thats just ridiculous. They couldnt delay one week and incorporate this patch into the final product? [Assuming this is true]

Yes I put the disk in last night and update started. I have average internet also. ■■■■ took 2 hrs. Couldn’t believe it, longest update I have ever had for any game.

I believe I read a post last night, a large part of the update is the new claptrap dlc, it wasn’t ready until after the game was finished. I went digital and had an 8GB patch.

Really? I went digital as well but don’t recall having a patch. My download was finished on Friday I think so unless it did it between then and 12:01 launch I didn’t get it.
Anyway for me to check to see if I have it? I’m on Xbox One

I created a new character, then later imported an existing character from the 360 to the XB1. I’m Signed into Shift, so I should have 75 keys, plus the 25 from the code. However, I have only the 25 from the code. Are the other 75 keys part of the Loyalty Rewards they’re talking about? Because my assumption was that the Loyalty Rewards were the two weapons (Pistol and Shotgun), but if it’s talking about the keys instead, then I’m not as worried.

Yeah the 75 keys and bonus BAR (5000) are also part of the Loyalty Rewards which has been delayed.

Here are the loyalty rewards, cited from this post:

[quote]Borderlands 2

75 Golden Keys
A healthy chunk of Badass Rank
Bonus character customizations

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

75 Golden Keys
A healthy chunk of Badass Rank
Bonus unique weapons and character customizations[/quote]

Okay. Thanks.