Importing saves

So what’s up with this importing saves option?

Start downloading the save from cloud storage, game freezes then crashes. How can I get this to work properly?

Tried importing on both of the games, same results. Now unable to connect to SHiFT…

What platform are you on?

I would imagine, and this is just a guess, as the transfer requires SHIFT to work, and there is a lot of people hammering the Battleborn Technical Test, SHIFT will be responding slowly, which could cause the platform you are on to hang/freeze.

Have you logged a ticket?

I do not know how to submit a ticket on here…

Its been a while since I did this, but on the xbox360, you logged in to the game, selected a character and uploaded through Borderlands.

Then you switch to the xbox1, log into the game, and download through the interface as you are showing.

However, this is entirely different to saving a character to your microsoft cloud storage area you get with the xbox360.

Oh, I do not have Borderlands 2 for 360 anymore. Guess I won’t have my level 72 OP 4… Thanks for the information.

If you have a friend with the disc, you could borrow it to upload, or if you don’t have a 360, but they do, you could ask if you can create your account on their machine, this would give you access to your cloud storage to download and then upload via steam.

My console doesn’t play physical copies of games anymore and most of my friends are on PS3, PS4 or PC.

Ah sorry to hear that, there would be one solution left, but would require breaking the Microsoft EULA and an awful lot of trust on your part with someone you don’t know on the internet, so we won’t go there.

However, I am sure there are some people in the Power Levelling Topic who can help you out getting levelled fast.

Good Luch

Yeaaah, avoiding that option.

I do not mind doing the game myself it’s more fun compared to having someone do it for you.

Agreed, I am quite looking forward to getting to level cap on my first toon and trying to do an OP level or 2