Impossible to beat the boss in Claptrap DLC

I fight against him like 90 minutes on UVHM. He is a bullet sponge. When I get finaly his shield down, he gets a little bit health dmg and then he dissapear and reload his insain 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 HP Shield again. I cant dmg him with a laser. WTFIS THIS??? GEARBOX REALY??? I fight against easyer raid bosses. How to beat this boss?


3 shield auto regen is sad

Yeah I cant beat him either and theres no one on the xbox one to find a game with for help so o well, time to give up on this boss. Thanks a lot gearbox for really messing up this game now.

Gear? Build? Character? You think “K gearbox I’m done” is going to help?

Lasers aren’t the best weapon type against the final boss, for one.

I’d also like UVHM tips. I can’t get past him with a CS+Phalanx Athena. Got a purple doublebarreled shock hyperion shotty, shock IVF, shock t4s-r, shock rosie, a glitched corrosive quad-barreled hyperion shotty; with these, I can usually get to his 2nd or last phase. But then he starts doing missile barrages and land mines which laugh at my aspis (and I get killed mid-air too, for that matter).
Most annoying thing is that I just don’t have the ammo, even with Elemental Barrage. I almost always get killed when I’m trying to harvest ammo boxes. Wish the volatile bits had ammo pack cycles too, something like ttaodk.
So yeah, anyone got any tips, good spots to shoot at him from etc?

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Beams are the only lasers that don’t do well in this fight because of distance. The other lasers can hit him.

Just keep moving on his last form. Shoot when you can youll get it. Believe me its not impossible. Try to shoot the acid volatile blocks when you can as you cruising around the jumpads.

Yeah, except for the part the part where you run out of ammo for your best guns and have to wait for those damn spawners to open…I’ll keep trying though.

Yea thats why you have to make sure you hit a couple of those acid blocks floating. Before you get the ammo to keep the enemies off your back. And most ammo crates are located somewhere where you can dodge eos’s attacks.


i was surprised how “easy” the fight was for my athena.
i used a level 60 shock bullpub and a purple level 60 shock blaster (boss was 66) and i managed to kill him third try.
ammo was never a problem bc of the many craters. its important to keep ur shield active and start hiding BEFORE ur actionskills ends.
but to be honest, this boss is far to strong for a mission-boss, his shield regen is stupid and its crazy that he spawns badass minions, they are just too much.
i never said “nerf”, but this time it wouldnt hurt if they would nerf the missionboss, but kept the raidversion the way it is. (like the sentinel)

Heh, even if they kept the raid version how the boss version is now, he would still be too easy. Tear trough his shield with a Shreddi/Bullpup/any other shock weaponry and then use a Marek Mouth or something.

Yes, he eats ammo like no tomorrow, but personally, I like the fight how it is.

Edit: His shield becomes weaker the more he has to recharge it, atleats it looks like it.

Wait untill you hit his second form, there is where the real sponginess begins. Have yet to defeat him myself in the second form, it should be doable but it will take awhile.

Makes me wonder if I’m ever gonna make it as Nisha, let alone Aurelia.

Welp, an Ack-Ack oz kit made the difference for my CS Athena. Used hyperion shotguns and a t4s-r because ammo. Killed the pesky thing in FFYL. He also dropped a viral marketer, gonna try killing him with it next.
My problem with his eye crit spot is that if I mess up and he catches me with the lazor, I can’t see anything with all the glowy effects, I’d rather run and hide. But anyway, should probably get a shock or corrosive Cheat Code next, for the crit bonus, see how it performs. Apparently it makes second winds easier too.
I also tried the Hard Reboot pistol you get from a quest, it wasn’t as good as the t4s-r (still a great gun mind you)


I forgot that I have several Ack Ack’s. Since he jumps like a madman in the second form it’ll do some damage. Even moreso as EOS.

Edit: I think this boss will be a huge pain for Aurelia players. Atleast the second form can’t be frozen for as far as I know and she is a glasscanon…

I reckon I’ll be fighting it in co-op as Aurelia…although the robot form has a pretty good crit spot (in fact his entire backpack is a weak point as well, useful if you aren’t solo) and he stands pretty still

Personally noy going to risk it. Love the DLC to bits but I doubt I’ll ever make it as Aurelia.

Well, finally got passed the second form, third form is just utter ■■■■■■■■. And when you run out of ammo he decided to spawn alot of minions. Raidbosses are easy compared to this…

The DLC was of top quality untill the last bit. Shame.


I just beat him for the first time earlier this evening - I only died once, but it took a long time (and I thought it took a long time to kill Shadowtrap!). I didn’t think I would be up against a stiff boss like that, so I went in there with my cryo-only Wilhelm, and was caught off guard to be fighting that shield with cryo-only gear (I did have Moxxi’s Vibra Pulse, but he was very difficult to reach). I flat ran out of ammo more than once (except rockets, which I kept in the bank for FFYL). To stay alive, I got a route down, and opened the ammo chests along the way. By the time I got back to where I started, the ammo was there waiting for me.

As Wilhelm, I hate relying on FFYL skills, but Termination Protocols did pull me out of the fire regularly (the hardest part is trying to actually see a target when that fire is coming down on you). Saint seriously is the reason I made it through… I’m a little skittish about the other mercs (Athena’s shield may make the difference, but Nisha without her Celestial Lawbringer COM (with the Showdown healing) and Claptrap? Yikes. Also, I spent my first extra point on Shock Absorbers which really helped… never stopped running, and it was handy to be able to shoot as well.

For me, what made this easier than a raid boss was the fact that there’s reliable cover. No matter how bad things got, there was always cover (if I could just get to it, I was safe enough to recharge myself). Raid bosses don’t seem to roll like that. Still… that’s a brutal fight.

Athena’s shield is pretty handy until the third phase, then you can’t avoid all the splash damage going on unless you keep flying.
And I’m not sure if the shield blocks his lazor either, it seems to surround Athena so that she gets damaged from behind too. Or maybe I was just killed by minions, I dunno

Also, I just realized I got a rerouter and 10/5 conduit. I used that skill for amp trickery before now, but now I get massive damage too, and most importantly, CONSTANT HEALS. CS Athenas get plenty of love in this DLC for sure.

Same with the Shock Bullpub I found this the best weapon to use,ran out of ammo a heck of a lot but managed to run around getting the ammo from the spawn ammo points.
When the laser was about to be fired I just LOS or keep flying and had my shield up (Athena lvl 55) so my health was being topped up.
I also managed to take down the gun turrets which made it easier

My partner on Whilhem (lvl 54) gave up as she didn’t have enough health regen and running out of money for respawns lol.She refuses to even play the DLC now but she made her mind up before the final boss fight due to lack of fights,quests and on UVHM there was no challange untill last boss,compaired to Tiny Tina’s DLC and I have to agree on that part.