Impossible to Kill Sourcerer's Daughter

I am distraught. Playing as Gaige at level 68 I started the Lair of Infinite Agony in Tiny Tina’s Dragon Keep DLC mid afternoon. It took around 3 hours to get to the final battle with the Sourcerer’s Daughter. Now 2 hours later I have had to give up. I get the health bar down by 2/3rds and all of a sudden it more or less doubles. Also there are enough spiders around for getting second wind but after about 5 or 6 second winds the timer runs out before I can get a shot off. Is it even possible to kill the Sourcerer’s Daughter in UVHM? To have another attempt I will have to start Lair of Infinite Agony again which is a real pain. My weapons include a level 68 DPUH and Adaptive Shield, level 67 snipers, Spinigun, level 66 Plasma Casters (Fire and Corrode) and a level 50 Magic Missile. Only the DPUH seems to do noticeable damage

I have beaten the Sourcerer’s daughter in NVHM and TVHM. I was desperately wanting to get this level finished so I can try again for an up to date Magic Missile. My current Magic Missile is Level 50 :frowning:
If anyone can do a co-op game over the weekend would help. Even better if someone could do a Trade on a level 60+ Magic Missile I would be eternally grateful.

The one good thing is that I managed to get 2 Gold Grenades (Fire Storm and Chain Lightning) for my efforts today.

When you see the crossbow thing glowing green, it’s a health steal weapon. You have to stay out of range to avoid the health bar refiling.

From memory: spam AoE grenadse (shock and/or slag, transfusion if you need them) when she’s on the floor, and hit her with as much fire DPS as you can muster. Keep moving at all times, and dodge between/around the pillars as needed. Only clear the spiders close enough that they’re a threat.

I am now wondering if she can steal health from DT? If he’s in melee mode while she’s in health steal mode, that would be very unfortunate,

That’s about right for early forays into that map. :laughing:
Like @VaultHunter101 said, don’t get near her if for no other reason than to be able to stay far away from her when she does that health steal thing: the green is hard to miss, and she’ll come running right for you (and she re-heals a lot, so when you see this, just run). Can you post your build and loadout? If you’re using a Magic Missile for slagging (as opposed to damage), that level 50 should be fine (and may be better, since accidental detonations near you should hurt less)?

For certain values of ‘possible’, sure. Some people kill OP8 raid bosses with melee Zer0, where others can’t handle UVHM at all. Of all the (non-raid) bosses in the game, I don’t think she’s too bad. Once you get the knack for her combat tactics, it’ll be less trying.

Interesting… that would certainly change how that fight goes. It seems like she could, but it also seems like I’d remember that. Maybe she could but is programmed not to focus on him? I can check when I get home in a few days.

Here’s a tip. Activate the quest with the dead brother. It would deactivate most skeleton piles unless you interact with them (otherwise the skeletons would automatically spawn). You can actually ignore 90% of the mobs by judt going after the doors and running past them. I think that you already solved the platform puzzle but if you’re still having difficulties, wait for them to come down together, then hop to the 1st one run to the 2nd and wait for the 3rd to go down and and run past the 4th. Ignore the red chest after. It would just spawn a horde of skeletons. Go sideways just on the outer side of the two pillars behind the chest so that the mobs wont spawn. Also do you have the grog? That would add tons of survivability.

Tldr; ignore the mobs. Running the whole length would probably take 15 min, 20 tops. Good luck!

My weapons are:
Lvl 68 Fashionable Storm Sniper (Shock) Lvl 68 Stable Adaptive Shield
Lvl 68 DPUH Lvl 67 Legendary Class Mod
Lvl 67 Impetuous Plasma Caster (Fire) Lvl 50 Magic Missile
Lvl 67 Grim Spinigun Lvl 65 Blood of Ancients (+48% Hlth; +65.5% Pistol Ammo)

Whoops I’m not sure what happened there:
Weapons are:
Lvl 68 Fashionable Storm Sniper (Shock) Lvl 68 Stable Adaptive Shield
Lvl 68 DPUH Lvl 67 Legendary Class Mod
Lvl 67 Impetuous Plasma Caster (Fire) Lvl 50 Magic Missile
Lvl 67 Grim Spinigun Lvl 65 Blood of Ancients (+48% Hlth; +65.5% Pistol Ammo)

Snipers Grenades
Lvl 67 Barking Railer (corr) Lvl 68 Chain Lightning (Shk)
Lvl 66 Totem Muckamuck Lvl 68 Fire Storm
Lvl 67 Barking Corinthian (Fire) Lvl 68 Homing Fire Burst
Lvl 68 Fasionable Snider (Slag) Lvl 68 Homing Tesla
Lvl 67 Zammechat Droog (Shk) Lvl 67 Homing Incendiary Transfusion

Pistols Launchers
Lvl 67 Dastardly Iron Lvl 67 Prudential Panorama (Slag)
Lvl 67 Granular Fibber Lvl 65 dippity Blaa
Grog Nozzle Lvl 65 Shock Launcher

Lvl 65 Refill Plasma Caster (Corr) Lvl 68 React Fox SMG
Lvl 65 Flying Plasma Caster (Shk) Lvl 67 Feculant Trance (Slag)
Lvl 68 Agresive smig (Fire) Lvl 66 Miss Moxxi’s Crit (Shk)

Shot Guns COM
Lvl 63 Torgue Shot Gun Lvl 68 True Neutral +71% Magazine Size

Shields Relics
Lvl 68 The Bee (8.26 delay) Lvl 65 Sniper Damage +35.5%
Lvl 67 Shock Spike Lvl 61 AR, Sniper, Pistol Ammo +54.5%
Lvl 67 Consolidated Amplify Lvl 59 Pistol Damage +25.7%
Lvl 67 Righteous Absorb

I have no idea on how I can get my Skill tree to you. My Deathtrap has my shields and Anarchy is active. I’ll try and find a way to send my Skill tree over. (I’m not very computer savvy)

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This fight is so difficult the first few times! God, I remember my first time well. I actually had to look up a walk through to check that it was possible, which I don’t normally do (as it turned out this was fortuitous; it was the first time I’d ever seen Krieg gameplay and the discovery was brilliant).

Anyway, never fear, it can be done. Keep fire weapons and that DPUH on deck and strafe as much as you can. Try and keep some spiders around for second wind but if you circle vigourously you may not go down too much.

As noted, the healing spell is probably the most challenging bit about that fight. Keep your distance when she dips below 1/3 health. Dodging behind the pillars is a good way to break her siphon, so I try to keep myself behind one most of the time. Run like hell and dip out of sight if you see green pluses!

I should be around this weekend on pc if you want me to drop in, not sure I have characters exactly that level. I think I may a magic missile around in the 60s too, have to boot up to check that though.

Thanks for this. I will be online tomorrow (Monday) now as it is almost time to turn in for the night. I’ve been playing the game for 2 years now and tomorrow will only be the 3rd time I have played a co-op mission. It would be great if you had a level 60’ish Magic Missile you could trade. Is there any item you are after? (Most of my weapons are “normal” as I’ve never had a Sereph crystal or beaten a Raid Boss)

That DPUH and plasma caster should be able to rip through those crowds with some slag… given how prolonged that fight is and how many spiders you need to deal with at times, I might consider a slag weapon (that Snider may fit the bill, though it’s only slagging one at a time), so you can use a more aggressive grenade (singularity for crowd control to keep them off your back or a Vladof area-of-effect one (Fire Burst or Tesla if possible)). If you have a Quasar, even better, but those are rare.

Just had a riffle through my mules, I have a level 65 magic missile with your name on it! Hmu when I’m online and I’ll bequeath it to you.

Here’s the link for Gaige’s skill tree.

Thanks. It will be a few days before I will be able to play again. I;ll drop you a line to let you know. I am based in the UK so I don’t know where you are or how the time will vary.

Hopefully this has worked.

knighm Skill tree

In addition to the above Skill points as I have a Legendary COM I have:
+5 Smaller,Faster, Lighter (making 9/4)
+5 More Pep (making 9/5)
+5 Strength of 5 Gorillas (making 10/5)
+5 Cooking Up Trouble (making 9/5)
+5 The Better half (making 9/5)
+5 20% Cooler (making 10/5)

I might consider moving some points from Potent as a Pony to Unstoppable Force… it should be easy to keep kill skills up, and while this does grant a full shield with Blood Soaked Shields, the movement speed buff is great for dodging spiders (and the occasional hungry daughter).

What kind of shield are you using? A Flame of the Firehawk is epic here (on Deathtrap, it can fire for a long time; on you, it’ll fire until something dies (and then is fully reset to fire again)). Alternately, a strong fire spike shield is good; Unstoppable Force and Blood Soaked shields will keep it up for free damage for the little guys that bite you.

Disclaimer: I don’t use Deathtrap for dealing damage so I don’t go so deep into BFF tree.

However, I suggest doing something like this. Potent as a pony is actually bad unless you’re health stacking because it makes healthgating harder. One two boom and explosive clap doesn’t scale well and you’d rather have Deathtrap doing its spinning thing. I only put 1 point in more pep and cooking up trouble since they’re boosted by com anyway and they’re more for quality of life than a utility or dps skill. Notice hat I added points in unstoppable force and fancy mathematics. It might be “overkill” but you’re using a bee shield with 8 sec delay…that’s too long and you’ll need those skills to keep the bee up.

Also, I purposely left out some points so you could have more flexibility in your next points.

First, consider dropping the bee in favor of preshrunk cyberpunk. Even 2-3 points is powerful enough for mobbing and it would increase your survivability because you’re using a tankier shield. Second, consider adding the rational anarchist and typecast iconoclast (3-4 points) for faster stacking. For the rest, it depends on you r playstyle. You can add wires don’t talk and electrical burn/interspersed outburst if you go for shock build or annoyed android if you prefer deathtrap.

I will be back home tomorrow afternoon/evening so I should be online around 7:30pm (UK time). If this is ok I will hover around say Southern Shelf which should be clear. I am so looking forward to getting a Magic Missile closer to my current level. My online details will show knighm at Level 69. If you are not from the UK the times will obviously be different eg EST is 5 hours behind UK time and Pacific time is 8 hours behind UK time. If can let me know your time zone I will be able to log in accordingly.
Are there any weapons you would like in return?

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Sent you a friend request! I’m on UK time too, should be around then just hmu when you’re ready :smile: