Impossible to use Alani unless some option is added to play with unique characters off

Alani seems great and I have been very excited for this day. I have been gearbox fan since the day my parents bought me the original borderlands for Xmas when I was younger. I have played every title since, and was a part of the betas for BB as well as an ardent follower of the news updates and hype leading up to release for the past couple years. Now after pre ordering BB, spending as much free time as I can squeeze in to play and getting almost to level 60, and even after I canceled my overwatch preorder out of pure loyalty to gearbox and love of this game, I still have no way to quench this thirst that is Alani. I spent one of my Keys which are limited, and spent the extra money on my preorder package for this opportunity, and yet here I am almost a full day past since release and I haven’t been able to squeeze in even one online multiplayer game with her because everyone else seems to have a half second faster internet connection than me and they snag her. Thing is, more than half the time these are players who are not even at command rank 20, many still in the single digit command ranks. I just don’t see how it’s fair to me as a long time paying fan and customer to be told I can’t use something that I have spent my hard earned money on. Especially discouraging when I see that most of them are players who it appears have just picked up the game to play and are probably still on their first day of gameplay. I have given this game my time and given each character their hours of gameplay(seriously, I cycle through all the heroes so much that I don’t have a single mastery yet) and my reward is that I don’t even get to explore this new hero I have been waiting for. I love you gearbox and you gave me a love for your franchise and for video gaming, but something needs to be done to fix this issue because it is by far the most frustrating thing I have ever experienced in any video game I have ever played. Maybe put some priority on her if there’s more than one player choosing her so that the higher command ranked player who has had the game longer and has had time to actually play the other characters can now try something new? Or simply make it possible for the unique characters feature to be on or off so that everyone will have a chance to play with her. I hate to even admit this, but as of now I will be getting in my car after this post so that I can drive over to Gamestop and purchase overwatch. I have put aside my urge to play overwatch out of respect to BB and gearbox, but now that I am not able to feel that I can have that same appreciation reciprocated back to me as the customer, I no longer see any reason to give BB my loyalty in sacrifice of other possible fun gaming avenues(and there are SO many for May and June).

Run through the campaign with her, or grab some other friends to get a group together to increase your chances. PvE is a ton of fun with her!

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In the <9.5 hours since Alani’s release OP hasn’t been able to pick her in VS, off to get Overwatch.


Pretty much.

Also, there already is an option to play with unique heroes off, but only in private versus matches and, of course, in the campaign you always can pick whomever you wish.

Anyway, enjoy Overwatch! Please come back and let us know what minor inconvenience that happens there drives you to the next game.

I’ll wait til they decrease the price to something reasonable for a Team Fortress 2: Blizzard Edition price tag and when all the people who scream “git gud” at me are few and far between instead of a team full of them. At least with Battleborn I have PvE.

Yes smokus I know this is always an option, and to be honest it’s next on my list up if I can’t get this to work out. Biggest issue with that is that I hate feeling like I’m forced to play her seclusively in one mode only… And tbh, lately everytime I go to try and play story is when I have left the previous party after pure frustration after the reoccurrence has happened so many times(yes I hate rage quitters too everyone, and normally would never do it), and by then I’m unable to even play it because now I have to wait for the other game I left to be completed. And then il wait and finally I can play again, but instead of going to story mode I get this boost of confidence that tells me it’s my time, and that there’s no possible way that this could happen AGAIN… And then I’m sitting there 5min later waiting for a game to finish so that I can just play story mode lol… Truly a viscous cycle

Yes pve is absolutely amazing in this game, still unsure of the reason for all the negative talk surrounding the pve mode leading up to release… And sornub thank you so much for your thoughts,I am honestly pleased to hear of your dilligence and patience on the matter, but please know that this is not me attempting to insult anyone, especially not BB… Understand this is simply me being so frustrated and helpless feeling with this issue that I needed to get it off my chest and vent. So if I can do it in a constructive way here and possibly have similar issues be avoided in the future for myself and other gamers then I see it as a positive in the end.

And nowhere have I said, nor will ever say, that I am substituting BB with overwatch… Simply that I am such a fan of GRBX that I felt I needed to cancel my overwatch order so that I could give all my support to battleborn since they have been somewhat pitted against each other. Now instead I will have both games and play both

nothing wrong with that. they’re different games completely, right? if it wasnt that guy picking her, it would be you or the next guy and the other guy wouldnt get to play her. your turn will come.

So, you are upset because you are not getting to play a character that got released like, what, maybe 24 hours ago…in a game mode where the character is unique and there are 4 other people hoping to pick the same character as you. This is probably going to come off as a bit condescending, but you need to realize that you are not the only person playing this game, nor the most important. To belittle others because they aren’t as high of a rank, or didn’t pre-order the game, is just a poor way of looking at things. Everyone who buys this game deserves just as much of on opportunity to play this character, and because you bought this game early and put countless hours into it, does not make you better or more entitled to play such a character. And get used to this style of play, because it happens quite a bit in games. I played League of Legends for 4+ years, and became quite use to picking characters I may have not wanted to originally play. But I never placed myself above others because I played the League of Legends closed beta and had countless hours put into the game. The fact of the matter is, that there are hundreds of people all looking to have just as much fun as you, and that a company needs to cater to them, as much as you.

And again, it’s like the first day. Give it some time and you will get to play your character. I mean, I’d sympathize if the world was going to end or something tonight, but you will eventually get to play this character. For now, just be happy she’s even out.


Thank you. I could not of written this better, this is a really annoying attitude i keep seeing on the forums especially today with Alani. You don’t know that the guy who picked her hasnt had to play 10 games today waiting for his chance.

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I’m rank 100 and I didn’t get to play her today either…

… because someone else in my clan had been dying to play them and I figured I would let them play her because they seemed to want it more.

My advice is find some great people to play with and you will never have to worry about that loading screen ever again. Oh and I did play her in the end, but in private pvp. She seems cool but in need of some balancing.

Thanks for responses everyone, and I forget all the names but whoever it was who said it just know that no you don’t sound condescending, you sound like you have an opinion on the matter and that’s what these forums are for. Believe me, I’m no idiot and don’t consider myself ignorant in the slightest as to how what I posted would come off looking like. I would probably be saying many similar things had the tables been turned and I had to wait all day to use her and never got to, and then saw a post such as the one I made earlier. I’m aware of how it comes off, but I consciencelessely posted it anyways because as I said earlier I needed to vent and have no other outlet to do so where anyone would know what the hell i’m even talking about. The problem with written text is that there’s no way to write certain things one wishes to say without it either coming across as wrong to some and perhaps ok to others. I wrote that as best I could to try an not be overly offensive or purposely rude to anyone who read it and I still stand by what I say. I do believe it is an issue, and I do believe that many players who come across this issue possibly as one of their first experiences with the game, just might be deterred forever from playing it again. I want everyone to play it, that’s why I have no problem with a setting where unique characters are turned off, I don’t care if every player on both teams is the same character. I just feel like a system needs to be implemented to make it more possible for a character such as this one to be available for people to use. Only thing I could think of at the time was prioritizing the chance of being able to get her somehow and I don’t think that it’s so wrong to do so if approached in the correct way. Maybe when a new hero is released, for a couple days only those who have unlocked all the other heroes in game are able to unlock the newly released hero. This way the people who have put in the time to grind and unlock the other characters can feel like there is some form of linear progression as characters are released. We had to unlock all the other ones in a certain progressive pattern, what would be so bad about adding new characters to this progression path in some form for maybe a couple days just so those people are able to feel there’s some form of order, or dare I say reward even, for all they have done in game so far. Then when that’s done open the flood gates for all. I realize this isn’t any sort of logical plan for anyone to put in place, all I’m trying to show by all this is that my first post was not meant to be read and followed as instructions, it was more just a way of stating that something, anything really, needed to be done to fix this type of issue because if I was so discouraged at the end of the day from the constant shutouts, then I know there are others. So you can all say and think what you want, I seriously don’t blame you because I 100% see where you are coming from and how a post with the potential of sounding so spoiled rotten and selfish and childish can make you angry. This is the furthest thing though from where my intentions were with this post whether you believe me or not, there’s unfortunately only so many ways to type up words when the underlying message is that I feel like I did not get what I was told I would get for my money, and that for the first time ever a company that has historically always made me genuinely pleased and happy with the service they provide, has now instead let me down tremendously with this one little issue. It is a video game, there’s only so many things to get upset about, and I’ve never really been mad at a video game because I don’t take them too seriously and don’t consider myself a hard core gamer by any means. So this just happened to be what pushed my buttons and made me do the whole b i t c h and moan and cry about how my problems are so important that everyone needs to hear about them on the Internet thing lol.
-in the end please by all means leave comments if you wish to tell me where to stick it or if you simply would like to let me know how much you hate “people like me” or if by some wild chance you even agree with what I say. In the end this is all aimed at the end goal of improving a new game that I sincerely hope can overcome all these obstacle that are being thrown at it so that it may hopefully blossom into an amazing franchise in the future. Just as borderlands original game was no halo when it first came out, it now has an extreme cult following of true lovers of the games, and the more comments this gets, the better chance for devs to get a glimpse into their consumers brains and use that to polish everything up.