Impound Deluxe Crew Challenge

I reached the Mayor’s Killer Look crew challenge location, in the Impound Deluxe level of the Handsome jackpot, but the door remained red and would not open. This is the third character this has happened on. Have I missed a switch or do I need to contact someone or run through the level again?

I don’t remember it ever being an issue, but it’s certainly possible you need to trigger the door at least the first time. Did you complete the story mission through that segment of the map yet? IIRC there’s a miniboss of some sort up on the “bridge” facing that door who sends a bunch of bots after you.

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You need to finish the mission in Compactor first, then revisit Impound and yes, there is a button on right side of the door, at least for first time it’s needed iirc.