Impound respawn points

I hate the Impound lot in the new DLC. Yea it’s pretty cool, but what keeps killing me is the respawn points. After you get through the front area and out to the walkways, you got one right there, and the next one is like past Freddie’s place! There’s way too much ground to cover, and worst part is if you die way down and respawn, sometimes the enemies you already cleared will respawn! There’s a one-way fast travel there at Freddie’s that doesn’t even count. They need to make that one count, and maybe at 1 or 2 more between Freddie’s and the first spawn point. Even without Mayhem, running it solo and getting killed by just a random shot makes me wanna rage quit simply because I have to run ALL the way back. They added in new vending machine spots in a previous update, next one should add respawns in the Impound!

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