Impression from a returning player

I haven’t posted much on here but I’ve always been pretty positive. I pre-ordered after the beta test and sunk 300 hours into the game - I loved the characters, settings and story. I took a break just before Ernest was released (finished the Handsome Collection on Xbox One, which was awesome) and came back now that the first Ops DLC was released.

First - Face Off. I tried this a few times when it was released and this was not what I wanted ; it just seemed a variant of capture, which was my least favourite mode. I was hoping for a Horde mode of some kind and that’s what I originally thought it would be. I’m sure some will like it but it’s just too all over the place for me.

Second - Kid Ultra is great. I love his voice, lines, story and how he plays. I could not get into any matches today however so I just tried him initially on private. This was disappointing…not sure how the population is on Xbox these days.

Third - Ops mode. Cool idea with the detective noir theme, but after 4 tries, we failed on 2 of them, beat 1 and the server kicked me out about a minute before winning the 2nd time. It seems like the difficulty spikes insanely on the last boss fight to a disproportionate degree. Also, the fading to black would get old fast as it’s difficult to see what’s going on.

This is hard to say, as I desperately want this game to succeed, but I’m not really feeling the Chaos Rumble mode or the new DLC - I’m sorry if I haven’t read through all the other topics on here that address any of this but this is just some quick feedback from a returning player. If I feel like this, I wonder how new players feel.


…In the OPs think UVHM.
Don’t stand in front of anything, ever. The face damage in there is often 3k.
Straff every enemy, jump out of every crowd quick and if you see 5 Ronin, take a deep breath.


I’m on XBO / Europe. I had the same experience this morning. Matchmaking seemed to work, but couldn’t find a team PvP & PvE. But this is not usual. The population isn’t that bad on XBO.

Also for experienced Battleborn-Gamers the Operation is something you have to discover and learn.

Rule Nr1 - don’t rush through the mission, there is no need to.
Rule Nr2 - every area with difficult fights & dangerous enemies has good places to take cover. look for them.

Last night i beat the Ops solo with Kid Ultra with 99 Ops points ( couldnt find the last damn point no idea why ) and zero deaths and i’m far from being a super-gamer. This was only possible because i had the patience to learn the map. I never rushed ( only if i was on a team of hectic ppl ) when i was solo.

Best regards.

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  1. It’s certainly an acquired taste.
  2. Xbone actually has a very healthy population, I wouldn’t know why you’d have difficulties.
  3. The last boss fight gets better once you play it a few times and treat it like UVHM as Wise said. People asked for more difficulty so they gave it. If it’s too hard you can reset your Ops Points. And they heard our complaints about the filter and may be changing it (just happened recently so no real news yet)
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It is. From my point of view, not exactly the difficulty, but too many things are going on around you, you can’t respond to all of them (or even track them at least) and the game doesn’t suggest you what you’d better do. Once you learn all that mess it becomes easier, but it might require a lot of runs.

Not the best design, IMO.

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Try OPs mode solo if you’re having a hard time, I’ve played Toby maybe two or three times before, went in as Toby with 50 base points, collected the other 50 in game, and went into the boss battle with 100 OPs points and it was a cake walk, you just have to get used to what you’re doing and it’ll go way smoother. Obviously with more players it’s going to get a lot harder, but that’s one of the signature things of Borderlands/Battleborn games, so you just have to get with a team that knows what they’re doing.

all this stuff was designed around a game with tons of players addicted to the content and ready to repeat it a million times for phat loot

just hasn’t worked out that way

[quote=“HealerMcBob, post:6, topic:1549516”]I’ve played Toby […] it was a cake walk
you just have to get used to what you’re doing and it’ll go way smoother[/quote]
That’s one of the issues - the difficulty of your runs differs so much based on which character you use and how lucky you are, and that difference is almost unpredictable.

I had a very easy run with Toby too, but I also died 3 times with ISIC. Yes, I’m bad with both of them, but why it was so different? I have solid and quite easy runs with Deande regularly, but I had much trouble with Rath. Yes, I only played him several missions before, but the difference was so much more than I expected, and I don’t see the reason why. And it was after many successful runs with other characters.

So that “you just have to get used to what you’re doing” advice doesn’t always work. I easily see where complaints come from.

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It’s almost as though each game is just another roll of the dice and you really don’t get to choose how smooth the mission is regardless of the times you’ve played it.

The diff btw toby and isic is their roll. Snipers have an easier time than tanks (sólo) also isic is one of the hardest tank to play Sincé he is not beefy but a real tank lvl5.

Deande has a burst dmg or an escape, she is flexible while rath has a better sustain he needs to lvl up to be viable, ops dosent lvl you fast enough… I end the match lvl 7-9

Thralls are a nightmare for meele, their gun is easy to Dodge and dosent hit hard while their tackle hits hard and their quick meele too.

Battleborns roll makes a pve sólo easy or hard… Sometimes you need to change hélix and gear to survive in pve sólo.

Oh, indeed. I won’t be very surprised if it turns out to be a bug.

[quote=“dantesolar, post:10, topic:1549516”]The diff btw toby and isic is their roll. Snipers have an easier time than tanks (sólo) also isic is one of the hardest tank to play Sincé he is not beefy but a real tank lvl5.

Deande has a burst dmg or an escape, she is flexible while rath has a better sustain he needs to lvl up to be viable, ops dosent lvl you fast enough… I end the match lvl 7-9[/quote]
I used these heroes as an example because I use them in a somewhat alike way. Toby and ISIC are both big, have defensive capabilities and ranged damage without distance fall-off.

Deande and Rath are both melee-primary with life leach and average HP pool. The difference is Rath’s hitbox is bigger. I don’t use Deande in “get in - burst - get out” manner in this fight, I just keep hitting everything while moving, and it’s enough to get away with only one or two occasional deaths. Rath, however, was dying so fast and I couldn’t understand why. If it was because of his hitbox, why Ghalt, being even bigger and less mobile and without life leach, survives much better?

ISICs hit box is larger than Toby’s I wanna say. ISICs wards can’t fully protect him as well as one might think and the reflected fire isn’t gaurenteeing damage. His wards can also be wasted by a shock anchor. ISICs dash is ok but only for getting to the hallway with stairs leading to it. ISICs ult will probably kill you if you stay in it for more than a couple of kills.

Toby can regen himself off his shields. His boosters function better than ISICs dash for escape. Arc mine is a fire and forget kill essentially and extra radius could put in even more work. His deployables shield imo has more damage absorbing potential than wards. Toby can either penetrate mobs with fully charge rails, or guarantee kill enemies that are next to him with the self destruct.

Deande has a ranged attack for safer engagements. Her holo twin skill is one of the best skills in pve since it draws aggro, damages things, and allows you to reposition yourself for better engagements. Plus I imagine burst dash basically one hits any evolved thrall.

Rath has no evasion other than movement and relies on smashes timer in order to effectively engage a group of enemies. He has to be played more tactically than deande. His ult is decent but still potentially a threat to himself.

Ghalt should be relatively easy most certainly. Run around dropping traps, one shot a gunner in the body, pull a unit into a mobless area for a surgical kill, ult through the hallway of death


Chaos rumble is temporary. The Op needs to be approached differently with different characters but if high ops points are causing you trouble you can solo until you’re comfortable or reset your own ops points.

Yes, sir; ISIC’s crit spot is slightly bigger than Toby’s, though i’ll say that the regen on Toby’s shield, while the better helix, is negligible on a high-ops point run, because it goes down INSTANTLY with even a little concentrated fire. I AM shocked that the CPUs never destroy his mines though.

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I could see that. Though it’s still useful if you try to utilize it in its one possible place of entrenchment. I don’t play Toby a lot though in pve and will most likely use whiskey as my preferred rogue speed runner. Curious though. What notable helixes would you take for Toby in the ops?

In regards to ISIC though it’s not just his crit box. He is essentially longer than Toby is with that wierd freiza MK3 head (where he kinda looks like an Alien. Right before the white cool version of him)

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“Wierd Freiza MK3 head.”

Haha, SO apt…

As to Toby’s helixes, i still take all the ones i recommended in that other thread where you asked, with Beam-Splitter being the “must-have”, because of how much damage you can do to Aria point blank on the platform she goes to recharge at, in the small time you have between when she stops recharging, and starts moving around again.

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This is a good review of their kits in general, but it still doesn’t explain the difference I see when I play the way I play.

Really, I don’t need all that stuff for Deande, for example: