Impressions after 20 hours

So far i am enjoying myself, gearbox may have something special here but its too early to tell. The character designs are what give me hope for this game.

  1. Unit collision, what in the hell is wrong with this? I get stuck on everything, even as a tiny hero like orendi i am getting stuck on minions, stuck on terrian, stuck, on enemy champs, all champs, YOU NAME IT IVE GOT STUCK ON IT.

  2. M4 shepard spawing in incursion mode. These are the long robots that spawn after the first sentry dies and give overshields to the minions going with it. These make comback basically impossible for the other team, the lane will be constanlty pushed giving the enemies free reign to take al objectivies, shards and buildables on the map. In all of the games i have played of incursion the first team to get a senty kill has always won due to this. I have never seen a comeback. If it is going to remain this way why even have 2 sentries? The game is over after the first one dies.

  3. Melee character auto aim. Does it exist? When i am playing Ambra it almost feels like i cant lose my lock on the guy i am draining from. Its insanely easy to maintain dps on them. Conversely when i am playing a melee champ i continually lose track of my target. Maybe I’m just bad, but it really feels like most melee champs ( the ones that arent hilariously overpowered) are suffering from this. The other guy alwasy seems to get away or even turn it around me to win the fight. If i land my shadow strike and fetch as shayne and aurox on oscar mike i should be able to close out the kill. I dont manage to do so the majority of the time. Lol at trying to kill some one with phoebe.

3.5 Another melee champ issue is due to how close i am to my target i can almost never see the damage numbers popping off of them, it is too high or out of my Field of view or something. This can be relevant information. And since we dont have the information on the characters auto attack damage inside the game menus it makes this even more useful information.

  1. Game mechanic clarity. What causes crits? are they random? are they only headshots? I know some crits are tied to abliities but what about the other ones that i seem to randomly get. Do all heroes have innate random crit? this is important information. Why Dont i know my heroes basic attack damage? Does attack damage effect skill damage? Do the skills gain damage as they level up?
    What does shield penetration do? Does it increase skill damage? Does it ignore the shield and just damage their health? There are more that i cant think of atm, but these are things that help me make gear, and helix choices and plan the way i want to play the game. Does attack damage effect skill damage?

  2. hero balance. nuff said.

  3. My shots not going through the montana in front of me. Why bother teamfighting? This was discussed mroe in depth in another thread.


So…you want a character like Marquis to be able to stand behind Montana and obliterate you while avoiding any damage?

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I dont have a solution to the shot blocking it just feels really weird, since these huges champs are the guys running in and starting the fight, they are lilkely to be in between me and my target.

I understand what you’re saying, but the shot blocking is going to be what differentiates between good players and great players. High level play will require proper positioning. But i do agree with the clarity option. Hopefully they have a tutorial option in the game, because that would answer a lot of questions. Like it took me a while to figure out how to recall.