Impressions of multiplayer beta

I thought I’d take the beta nature of multiplayer to heart and post some impressions. I’m coming from a primarily HW1 point of view. I had trouble getting into HW2 (though I liked certain features, it seemed buggy as I recall).

  1. It’s good to be playing Homeworld again. Thank you!
  2. A chat function in the lobby is needed. It helps the community develop.
  3. The list of games refreshes too quickly. It’s difficult to see what games are up because the list is rearranging itself so much.
  4. We had trouble finding particular games, even using the filter.
  5. We had a number of instances of getting stuck at “Downloading Content”. We were always playing maps that came with the game, so I’m not sure what content was being downloaded.
  6. We had instances where a player would get dropped.
  7. We were just enjoying getting to play again, so we really didn’t get around to balance issues.
  8. We really need to relearn how to control the game. I was never sure if I had support frigates supporting or minelayer corvettes dropping mines where I wanted them.
  9. The voice over guy - well, I prefer the lady’s voice from HW1. Also, getting a notification for each strike craft was distracting. I liked the notification when all were made better. Notifications for each capital ship is ok.

If I think of others, I’ll add some.

Again, thanks from bringing Homeworld back!

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10 . multiplayer region locked

The biggest problem is there is massive lag in every game with over 4 or more players. Like it freezes and nobody cn even move or their ships dont even spawn.

So last night I was hosting games titles Join, no pass (game title could be longer BTW) in most instances when there is a full team even of just 4 people the game would not get past the downloading content until the offending user restarted their game, which dropped them out of it. I had 6-7 successful vrs CPU games with allies but those were all 2v2. It would be great to have the old HW1 load screen where it showed all players load status if at all possible, that would be an awesome addition.

I agree balance isn’t ready to be discussed properly until games can be easily formed in a public lobby so specific testing games can be played. Once all the matchmaking problems get resolved we can dive in to balance issues.

I’ve played through a few 8 player games without problems…but we all have average+ internet speeds and good computers.

That said, I’ve been a part of some games where there was lagging. The lagging games always had someone with a slower connection (higher latency).

I’m not sure we can blame Gearbox for gamers who have cheaper internet packages?!?

*For the original HW2, I got rid of lagging in my multiplayer games by getting rid of wreckage debris spawning when ships blow up. Doing the same here would probably help.

Paradox that is just dumb

Starcraft 2 for instance has 4v4 and does not matter where you are playing from (You can play EU region as long as you buy EU copy with 400 ping) and there is no lag at all.

Region locks biggest bad… used to play people from aussie land and UK in '99 so why not in 2015? Other downfall is the lack of a multi-player chat lobby. The lag can be bothersome when your opponent has a less than rig. The general unbalance between HW1 units and HW2 ones.

Lag issues seem strange. I played HW1 on dial up against people worldwide. Now I’m on cable, as are most others, I would think. I do remember HW 2 having far bigger problems than HW1, but as I recall that was largely due to port issues - a problem I thought was mostly solved these days.

I noticed another problem in skirmish mode vs cpu. Taiidani collectors will go idle at some point. They gather a full load and just sit there. The problem didn’t appear to exist with any of the other races.

My thoughts so far…


All Frigates need a health buff. HW1 frigates need to be somewhere between level1 and 2 HW2 frigates. early advantage that CAN/MAY be negated by more RU, time and research.

I think we may eventually have to bite the bullet and accept squads of HW1 strikecraft. Unless the formations can be really tweaked without an unreasonable amount of real world resources by GB, it may be the best-case option for that one particular issue. Kills me to write it, but the Battleball may be dead.

Repair needs tweaks. Numbers need to be moved around and some behaviors as well.

Maps should never have asteroids so close that they lock up the new resource collector behavior. Easy fix, and word to the wise for future map makers.

Address Taidani collector glitch. Someone dropped a zero or a decimal or an IF/THEN command somewhere I bet.


The few games I have played so far have been me hosting 3v3 comp stomps. I attempted a 4v4 all ppl game that choked, but that was most likely my comp, and also not checking pings of the players.

Smooth as silk 99% of the time.

The chat character limit kills anyone without voice comms. Easy as pie to address.


Still suffering unnecessary losses due to the “ooooh … aahhhh” factor of the new visuals. :smile: "WOW that is cool looking… “frigate lost’”.

Need to remember my key bindings. My fingers remember, but HWR and my brain do not.

Manuals would be nice. Digital copies of the originals and updated ones, once we are done with BETA.

A load status would be nice so I know its not me that is holding up the game… and that I am not locked up either.


More to come…

Oh, and we need a lobby.


I have had little to no lag issues. The main problem is password protected games and failure to load people into the match. Either they load very slowly and other people quit before they load or they crash.

My impressions:
Password Protected
Inadequate Filters
No Lobby
Downloading Content

But, I am playing and having fun when I get a game.

3-4 problems for me…
LOBBY, seriously where is it (i know its still beta but still…)
Passwords… um where is the option to disable password protection?
Region lock… Really? i understand its easier to have servers for each are but what if i have friends in europe i want to play with? this can be remedied by making servers selectable or just making servers connected
Crashes (its to be expected its beta)

I don’t know if the quality assurance really work on MP at all. You can’t blame for the beta tag with the MP of this bad!
Spent hrs with MP and didn’t have one game to play.

Please fix your game!

OWO OMO. My biggest issues are:
Fighters, I nearly cried when I first saw their behaviour… I understand they are ported to hw2 engine… but couldn’t you weak them? Just a little bit? Scouts are now completely useless other than for scouting (lol). Formations never hold and their movements are so linear even in evasive(passive). I understand that certain tactics like bball were bugs but the rest of the behaviour is crazy.
Corvettes, what the hell? Where are the formations? Corv wall is now no longer a valid strategy, this was one of the most fundamental strategies in hw1, and now it’s gone. Support frigates, have a support range of about 2 yards, worse than that because they need to be so close you can only have about 2 of them repairing at any one time… and that’s if they can get close enough!
As already mentioned, frigs in general are too weak. They fold up so quickly, especially against hw2 ships. I won’t mention too much about balancing issues as I’m sure this will get weeded out eventually… but atm the only tactic I’ve found that works against a half decent hw2 player is defender/hc rush, even then it’s 50/50 whether I win or not. There are a lot of other issues I would mention such as the Z hot key no longer used for scout burst/heavy burst etc but either they are issues that I don’t believe will be fixed or are too trivial to mention.

On the plus side tho, it is a beautiful looking game, if some or all of the issues above are fixed I dare say I will enjoy playing homeworld again. If not? Well I don’t know… maybe it will finally be time for me to learn to play hw2?

I host like crazy. 2v2 and stuff

I get downloading content and other stuff like 50% of the time, so i have to rehost more than i actually play

but when i do get to play, its good.