Impressions so far

First off let me say that I am not one to play deathmatch style games often so its very interesting so far. I have only been able to play two games, but they were both pretty fun.

First thing off the bat is that I enjoy the BGM at the main lobby screen. Its pretty nice to listen to which I feel like is a big deal since most time players will be on there checking who is online, checking what they have for their collection and so on. So to have something that sells the futuristic vibe but isn’t too offensive to the ears to lovely.

The 1v1 aspect of it is rather interesting and I enjoy that you still get some sort of support box even when you lose. Now I know this wasn’t the case before, which I would have written my disappointment about prior, but now that its in its nice to have something to help anyone even if they haven’t won. That way they don’t feel like they are being punished.

The two games that I have played have been on the same map, and while it is pretty nice I can’t help but feel like the background is too noisy in terms of how bright it is. Visually its very pretty, very futuristically designed and is nice to show where the players are in relation to the map, but I can see it being a distraction perhaps.