Impressive round of balance

I have to say, really impressive work.

  • The fastball went from “I think it’s broken, it don’t do damage” to “I’m pretty sure I’ve seen a pixel of shield going down”
  • Rowan and lucian call went from “I’m spraying pop corn” to “i’m accurately delivering pop corn”
  • Cutsman and brainstormer are still drunkenly crying over a counter somewhere about the good old time when there were meta weapon, dealing damage and ■■■■ while ordering another refill
  • The unseen threat received an buff that does an unseable difference
  • The mystical reflux dropping once in a blue moon is now the mystical reflux with a little more reliability (Since nobody ever seen one, we don’t know if it actually does damage)
  • I myself ran out of hope and quit of testing the other at this point.

I add the Carrier, which got a fat kick in the balls after M 2.0 got released and the projectile nerf completly ripped them of.

They won’t do any major buff to subpar weapons as long as the whole anointments idea still stands. Simply because stuff will keep on getting too OP.
But, if they got rid of anointments, then they would have one less variable in dps to worry about so they can focus on what this should have been about from the beginning: skill trees and weapon damage (buffing where needed).