Improve matchmaking. NOW

I don’t like the setup for competitive matchmaking in Battleborn for the past months before the end of 2017. I liked the old setup where there was no single map selection and it was a random map instead. That is what matchmaking should be. Don’t get me wrong, I love Incursion but I had moments where I wanted to complete my dailies for Meltdown and everyone keeps picking the same incursion map over and over again. That is so frustrating. When map selection wasn’t around, we had instant matches that popped then compared to the map selection system we had now. Whoever came up with this map selection idea and supported this are idiots (no offense).

I have a better idea. When a player selects matchmaking, a new window pops up that displays a list of icons that represent a game mode:
-The icon for incursion should represent a Wolf Sentries head.
-The icon for Meltdown should be a minion bot or the face of that meltdown dude that’s hovering over the scoreboard.

  • The icon for Face-Off should represent a Varelsi’s head/Mask.
  • The icon for Capture should represent either a flag or those objective platforms that are laid out on the maps.
  • The icon for Supercharged should represent a Shepard minion bot.

Each icon will display details on what the game mode is and display the number of players that can play in those matches.

  • Incursion will display 5 vs 5. (Description on game mode goes here)
  • Meltdown will display 5 vs 5. (Description on game mode goes here)
  • Face-Off will display 5 vs 5. (Description on game mode goes here)
  • Capture will display 5 vs 5. (Description on game mode goes here)
  • Supercharged will display 3 vs 3. (Description on game mode goes here)

Players can highlight which game modes they want to play in matchmaking. If they want to play Incursion, Meltdown, Face-Off, and Supercharged only, they can turn off Capture and then the matchmaking can start.

This will give players a chance to play maps that aren’t getting queue results like Supercharged and Face-off. And it gives them a better chance to complete their achievements for those game modes.

This setup that I’m explaining will work, unlike the map selection we have now for 5 vs 5.

To make it even better is adding bots for Face-Off and Supercharged. Those two maps need love right now and I loved to play those two maps in a private match.

If anybody got any ideas and want to support this topic, post them here. I know they can do better than this!

What you’re suggesting is seperate queues, worded more prettily, and even when Battleborn was being supported by GBX it didn’t have the population to sustain multiple queues.

Faceoff pops up plenty enough in standard matchmaking. No one wants to play it. I can count the number of times I’ve seen a vote pass for it on one hand since the last patch.

Supercharge was a deeply interesting gametype, but again, the mini-match queue it was associated with died a swift death of No One Playing.

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It’s not separate queues. If other players highlight the icons like Incursion and Meltdown and Face-off, then they will get matched into those game modes. If players want to queue for all modes, then they can highlight all the game icons for those matches.

Some people do want to play Face-off. I’ve seen a few highlight face-off maps.

This is Incursion born. As mentioned above, even when gearbox supported the game, incursion was the main game mode. The matchmaking is like this because gearbox decided to appeal to a minority when it came to playing game modes.

I have nearly 3000 incursion wins compared to barely 300 meltdown wins. It would me amazing to play overgrowth and monuments all day, but again, not happening.

Supercharged had a few pops when it was released. Like I said, I’ve posted my ideas on how to improve it. If you have ideas, post them here. If not, have a good day.

You’re right, people would rather play face off than echelon sometimes


What you have suggested is multi queue which would end up being everyone queued for multiple game modes would get just incursion and everyone queued for any non incursion mode would get lobbyborn.

Pretty much

More like Campaign born.

Got any better ideas? :3

Remove Echelon and face off from public queue. The chances of. Getting a map you want go from 25% to 37.5%. It is actually something that can be done with the commitment that GBX is willing to give to the game atm.


People still play that?

That’s a very good question.

That’s the worst idea I’ve heard since… Right now.

It’s a great idea


I think you might want to be realistic and realise no more updates are planned for this game. They had issues with matchmaking that were not addressed when the game was released (at the height of the player count) and I can’t see how this could get any better. Battleborn is done, enjoy what you have there at the moment or move on to something else.


Meh. I’m uninstalling. Have fun with you game guys.

That was my choice too :sunglasses: