IMPROVED TIME | UVHM (Flakkem) Claptrap vs. EOS & Eclipse in 33 seconds

Sorry for the bad quality, but I still had to film it with my phone. I used the flakker glitch again, but I think its still pretty impressive. Took around 10-15 tries.

  1. I need to stop having heart attacks from these videos. I still see improvement for 1 second.

  2. FYI, this community really dislikes cheating/glitching. Hell, they even gave me a lot of crap for originally rocket spamming. So I don’t think there’s a point of using glitches to get lower time.

  3. Btw, the 6 second save here given the context isn’t huge actually, especially considering how unoptimized the original run is. Most of what you “improved” over the last run is not waiting around longer. That’s literally it. If you manage to save another second off this, it would be greater of a save than this run.

  4. Might want to let the people know in the title that this is an illegitimate run with flakker + nukem glitch

This glitch is interesting to me. It’s the kind of thing I’d do accidentally. What are legit runs like for claptrap?

I think they’re between a minute and a half to two minutes. Maybe there is a 1 minute kill I can’t remember, but I believe the fastest is somewhere in the above range.

Spec 11/5 on OLT, spam Flakker on Eclipse and spam Mongol on EOS. You can bypass all the phases.