Improvement suggestion: Moze can cycle through weapons while in Iron Bear OR allow annoints to stay active thru weapon swaps

Moze had the unique issue if her action skill animation locking her into whatever particular weapon she is holding when she activates her action skill and in turn, this makes choosing what annointment to activate on action skill end an impossible task.

Other classes can activate their action skill and then, based on the flow of combat, they can select their weapon of choice to trigger Action Skill End annointments(Flak/Zane) and in Amaras case her action skill happens so fast she can switch before she uses it.

Moze had a wind up animation for entering and exiting Iron Bear as well as time spent in her action skill.

By the time she gets rdy to exit Iron Bear there is no way to choose what action skill end weapon annointment to use

Solution: Allow Moze to cycle through her equiped weapons while she is piloting Iron Bear.



A couple of improvements I’d like to tack on:

  • Mozes mag bonuses also benefit Iron Bear
  • Mozes matched set cooldown bonus also benefits Iron Bear

Really good idea.

I’d add that Moze needs some anointments NOT tied to getting in and out of Iron Bear or Auto Bear.

Maybe something tied to splash damage or grenades like, on a gun something similar to Zane’s duct tape mod skill.

I think your post is a reminder that Moze’s anointments are too often tied to IB.


Iron Bear should be good enough to finish a fight without getting out.

All ASE skills for Moze are terribly planned. Either Iron Bear isn’t good enough and I’m exiting during a fight, or Iron Bear survives and I don’t need to exit. The Iron Bear should be improved enough to be at least as useful as the anointments.

If you assume that Iron Bear is buffed enough to actually work in a fight, then everybody is stuck with Auto Bear all the time to get the anointment bonuses. Moze’s anointments ruin build variety, and they should be redesigned completely.


Currently, when I spec into Bears damage enhancing skills(SRPM’s, Stainless Steel Bear, Specialist Bear) I can hop in Bear to clobber a badass and then it’s down to overheating/reload animations.

It feels like Bears burst is pretty decent, at least with Explosive Bullets and especially unmodified Vanquisher Rockets, but after that initial burst, Iron Bear is kinda meh.

Hoping into Bear on the fly is currently very frustrating. You have no idea what weapon/annointment you will want to use when you exit in a few seconds and this promotes a gameplay of trying to stick to one weapon with a decent annointment instead of doing the sensible thing and weapon swapping.

I mean obviously weapon swapping is generally better but it is a bad feeling to instantly lose your annointment bonus due to switching weapons after exiting Iron Bear and knowing that you now have a long cooldown before you will be able to activate annointed again…

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I totally agree with weapon or augment swapping, but in the last 2 weeks, I’d say there have been half a dozen IB only or almost only builds that do strong work in M4.

What you seem to be describing is a hybrid build where you hop out to activate ASE after softening a badass or two.

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I mean. This is basically just an alternate to “give Moze On Cooldown Anointments” which would probably be easier to put in than adding functionality to swap weapons in Bear.

Like, maybe literally just buff While Autobear, and turn “after exiting iron bear” into swappable While On a cooldown.

I mean. I have wanted to switch weapons. Or grenades even! During bear…but I also don’t think it’s currently within their realm of plausibility.

Yeah, I’m all up in the Moze threads too. I think Prismatic, Sam and Kab posted a full on Iron Bear.

I’m not saying Bear is useless or anything. Bear is great although most agree it’s damage is still lacking a great deal on M4.

Regardless, all variants would benefit from better implementation of annointment triggers.

I dunno, weapon switching is already in the game. I use D-pad or a customized version of the classic layout but it everyone on all platforms use some button to swap weapons. Doesn’t seem like it would take much work to let us switch weapons in Iron Bear(even if we can’t use them).

Seems more like an oversight in design to not be able to swap in Bear as is and couldn’t be too difficult to fix the programming.

I would prefer something like my idea as there are already so many different annointments available as it is.

For real… Moze should just have all her gun anointments activate on enter iron bear (not generic ones, give her that unique ability on her gunner anointments) and all the ones she currently has on ASE should all activate as well, so we can switch weapons freely. She’s a gunner but she’s stuck using a single gun.

The best thing to do with Moze is get an all around gun that can do any type of enemy health bar and just stick with that.

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Yup. This is my overall complaint. I have 4 weapon slots but I generally am be encouraged to stick to whichever one I had pulled up whenever I last exited Iron Bear.

Other classes don’t have as big of an issue.

I think only Gamma Burst Flak comes close with a longer cooldown. I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong but other cooldowns seem frequent enough to be able to swap.arojnd on the fly and still maintain annointment uptime.

Alls I’m asking is to be allowed to swap weapons in Iron Bear that way I can set up whatever annointment I wish to exit with on the fly.

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I’d agree with that but still want all mine activated, it’s seriously impeding my fun in the game. So many guns and I just use the same one everytime. Some for the Road is ruined by it. At the VERY LEAST extend the ASE effect activating by 5 seconds if you have some for the road.

But swapping weapons would help with having the right one out when you have a corrosive one equipped and hop out and there’s no armor left.

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Yeah, what you suggest would be the optimal and ideal solution.

I’d be happy with my suggestion though.

I’ll edit the thread to reflect.

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This is the biggest problem moze faces. The current setup forces you to keep the same gun out at all times.

A conversation that probably never happened but most moze players imagined at one point or another:

Developer 1: “A billion guns in the game but moze gets…uh…1”

Developer 2: “oh! And she should never swap. Players should feel like to keep up with other characters, they have to never change or reload!”

Developer 1: “and make it so getting knocked down resets everything to zero! What do you think, Randy?!”

Randy: “watch this magic trick!” Throws a deck of cards at a PlayStation controller


Yes as a Moze player it sucks that anointments are instantly lost when switching weapons, and cannot be reactivated nearly as often as other classes.
Weapon switching has always been a big part of Borderlands gameplay, i shake my head at the way it interacts with anointments. Honestly, i would say that enabling active anointments to persist between weapon swaps might be the single best improvement that could be made to the game.