Improvements Homeworld Classics 1&2

What specific improvements were made to the classics???

I think just better solidified compatibility with the latest Windows versions and DirectX

Homeworld 2 Classic got proper widescreen support.

Is it possible to get HW1 classic in widescreen? I haven’t really tried yet, but it doesn’t seem to be an option…

Yeah I think it’s still stuck in 4:3 aspect

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Not only that, but the menu’s are super stretched to match fixed positioning. Tried classic @ 1080p once, the menus were no smaller in width, just taking the same space and stretched massively. Better to just play the game @ low resolutions imo, since the mission cinematics are 4:3 locked anyway.

IIRC though, you have to use the command line to set a proper resolution. In-game options never work properly. Can’t remember the command line options that had to be used to set a higher resolution though.

You can get hw1 in widescreen with the SPL mod along with other fixes and cool stuff :slight_smile: