Improvements to Multiplayer in terms of gameplay

I’m not gonna be throwing out any toxic comments, complaining about the multiplayer but rather ideas to help improve it. (talking incursion).

  1. The first thing i thought that would be really cool to add was a status symbols on the screen. For example there are indicators on the screen to show when we receive some form of CC. I was thinking it would be nice to add icons with the estimated time in seconds for stuns, silences, dmg debuffs, incoming dmg increase, and personal buffs as well. Some characters have built in passives that only last for so many seconds, i find it hard to keep track of those sometimes. Also ultimate durations for characters with time limited ultimates like El dragon, Toby, Attikus, etc.

  2. Xp share should be a thing, any players standing close to the wave minions that are being destroyed should get xp as well. Melee characters tend to fall behind really hard if there’s way to much aggressive pressure in lane, so they don’t even get to touch the minion wave.

  3. Let’s talk Echleon- Personally i like the way the map flows( the BB community doesn’t they love that overgrowth -_-) my only issue with echelon is after the first sentry is taken. It’s fairly hard to defend the second and since the map’s so big, i was thinking of adding another turrent at the top of the stair case at the beginning of the tunnel that connects the first sentry to second.

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