Improving the game

Very well, I found the game at a good price and bought it. I’m pretty much going just for the MP section and the Bug Hunt, which is part of the MP.

Now, we know the hand we’ve been dealt. We know what happened, we know the game is flawed although not as horrid as some would make you believe.

What have you found to make the game better? Mods, addons, etc?

What can we do? Maybe build new maps? I know this would require people who knows their way around a computer, but I’m just saying.
If we’re here it’s because we love the franchise. What have you found that improves the game and what can be reasonably done to keep at it?

For building new maps, we need the SDK for this game, which will never happen. In the other hand there are a few tweaks and modifications improving the gameplay like Survivor Experience V2 or Xenomorph only Bug Hunt.

This is all we got

Alright. Which of these mods do you guys use and why?

I read somewhere else that the perfect mod would be to mix Bug Hunt with Escape. And… yeah, it does sound badass.

I´ll use the Survival Mod v.2.

  • 95 PR
  • Better balance between Aliens, WY-Soldiers and yourself. The game isn´t a sunday walk with this mod. One hit (bullet) and you get down. Or the Alien can kill you, even when your lifebar is full.
  • But the enemys aren´t bulletproof anymore.
  • No autohealing
  • Beware!!! On MP, you get killed, very quick! :wink:

And I´ll use the welding, no mercs on Bug Hunt mod.

  • you can weld the doors on Bug Hunt (This is really cool !!!)
  • And you have no mercs

The other things are gfx or gameplay tweaks. A matter of taste! Look in the Screenshot section. There are some samples of the “tweaked” ACM.

Cheers! Oh…and welcome to the community!

Some of these mods sound like they’d be fun. I think I’ll reinstall windows, steam and A:CM and try them out…

Thats great…you even have to install Windows, for ACM? Linux one, right? :smiley:

OS X actually. I need to get a boot camp partition for Windows (I only bought windows for A:CM)

AWESOME !!! :joy:

Maybe there is a way to play ACM without Windows on your Mac. A friend of my can play some Windows games on OS X with an Emulator. I´ll ask him how.

But I use only Windows for a fiew app´s too. My OS is Linux (customized). :wink:


Do you guys still play? Because to me, this game is an okay campaign and a really fun multiplayer.

We could do that, set dates to play. How alive is the multiplayer as of today?

Yes and no…in europe the game is dead. I only find some MP matches on steam at 4pm: But it´s only a handfull of gamers. Maybe 5 - 10. And the quality of the conectin is awful!

I play with some budys over local LAN conection Bug Hunt (Hamachi). This way works much better as the steam way.

@Cilitbeng I doubt the performance would be very good with emulation - even with native windows it was just about enjoyable.

Or I could just get a new machine to play with :wink: