Improving the quality of HUD information

I have noticed the HUD is lacking a lot of elements, or need improvement to become more useful. Here are my humble suggestions:

A) An Allies List
A list on either side of the screen showing your allies and their current Shield/Health with icons showing if Ultimate is available. The face portrait shows if they are dead and how many seconds until respawn.

B) An Enemy List
Of course it does NOT show health/shield, but it does tell you who is alive and who is dead.

C) Different Hit Indicator for Ranged & Melee damage (against you)
This is important to identify if you are being hit by melee and from where. It helps you make better decision about your current situation

D) Map / Radar Size
Give us option to scale the map or radar to our liking. With transparency scale sliders.

E) New Pings
Using a new Ping button, allow for Quick Ping Tools that Request support, Point to an Enemy, Or Retreat alerts

F) Show your Health & Shield as small bars close to aiming reticle
This is important to keep an eye on your shield and health while still looking at the center of the screen during a fight. Obviously keep the current health and shield bar on bottom left.

G) Move the Abilities Box to the bottom center of the screen. and ENLARGE it by making it very wide. but not tall.
Easy to see without actually looking at it. If your eyes are in the center of the screen , you can still see which ability is ready to use without shifting your eye focus to it.

H) Cool down Timer for Abilities as a bar
I prefer the cool down for abilities is represented as a bar moving from left to with instead of a circle filling up. The Bar is As big as the box for the Ability Icon.

I) new ICONS on screen showing status effect currently affecting you (stun, slow…etc)

J) Character Portrait on the main screen
Using the new Ping button, if held down all characters (friend and Foe) on the main screen will have their Hero Portrait Appear next to their Health bar ( this works on Foes who are revealed and are in sight of to any of your Allies) . I choose this way to help minimize the amount of stuff on screen. So you decide when you want to press that button and see portraits.

K) Ping and Pocket Loss Number
As an option to have it on screen. Helps us tell if we are having any network problems.

Thats it folks!

Hope you like my suggestion :grin:

Very good suggestions, it would be Ideal if we could completely customize our HUD experience. What is and isn’t visible, size, positioning, transparency! It does take some work, but I mean if a modder/s for Skyrim can do it, a big studio like GBX should be able to do it too.

By the way, you can see which allies are dead and the respawn time in the upper part of the screen. Very small though, and not easily looked at in the heat of battle.

Note: Not saying that modders aren’t skilled. I’m just saying they don’t get $paid$ for the hard work and all the time used :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Guys please add you suggestion to this thread. I am sure you have something to add.

Bumping this. I really would like your support guys. I hope GB can implement most of these suggestion