Improvised Tactics is it bugged?

Improvised Tactics :
While Failsafe is active, all of Reyna’s active skill cooldowns are reduced. -15% Cooldown Time for All Skills

I really feel like there is an error about this helix and that the true value is closer to -60% than -15%

If you take this helix, Left 9 (+6sec on shield booster) and Left 10 (+4sec on ult = 10sec ult) +15% CDR gear.

On a 60sec ult cooldown you should only reach -30% CDR with helix and gear, but actually you can use your ult each +/-16sec. (-10sec of ult duration = each 6seconds…)

It’s a lot more than just 30% CDR

I made a video but failed to upload it… but i’m sure a lot of people already know the ablility to spam her ult

@Jythri @JoeKGBX There is something wrong here about this helix, or i’m totally wrong ?

Actually while Failsafe is active 1 real second = around -2sec Cooldown

You know this makes a lot of sense… I saw a Reyna one match put out bubbles like it was a standard skill. Was quite scary…

Don’t buffs multiply or something mathsy?

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Yep they are multiplicative for percentage based bonuses in my epxperience.