Improvment Suggestions

Before anyone complains about my opinion, these are my OPINIONS, and merely SUGGESTIONS.

So, I really think this game needs some improvements and make it a bit more sweaty and fun.

I’m not really sure what went wrong, and what update changed this, but I remember reaching lv 10, or at least 8, before games ended on a regular, now I can’t finish Marquis lore because it ends before I even reach level 5. Things were more interesting. Matches lasted longer, felt more competitive, and a lot more fun.
Now, it seems every match ends in less than 7 minutes and I can’t try out full builds
because I either get rolled on, or the enemies gets rolled on.

I no life it today and been playing all day(+12hrs), only TWO matches lasted more than ten minutes and man were they fun!

My suggestion is this:

•Increase sentries(health/shield)

•Remove Shepard

•Increase Big Minion Cost to 700/800 (people sending out big minions 2 minutes in the game is quite silly, personally believe they should be used mid game, ideally)

•Remove timer

Personally I think matches will get more sweaty then hehe

What do you guys suggest?

Definitely need to increase sentry health/shield - they just seem to get annihilated by minions these days.

Big minions aren’t so hard to kill - barely 10-15 seconds on average for me so long as nobody else is there.

Shepard are also cool - makes hanging around your own minions a little more beneficial as you get the occasional free overshield.


The sentry probably need to have its health increased, yes. And maybe its damage increasing overtime like the minions? Not sure for that one.

Shepard bring a more tactical aspect to wave clearing (timing your aoe in the time window between two overshield, first killing or lowering the health or the shepard before aoeing, or any other tactic that works for you).
Shepard are the reason wave clearing are not just mindless AoE.

The big minion is fine really.

No opinion on the timer.

I also think that they make Sheild Pen gear far more viable. Everyone dismisses Shield Pen but now all those wasted Helix choices serve some purpose. I’ve already tested Deande with a Sheild Pen/Skill Damage build and at lvl 9 she has an amazing wave clear/burst heal.
Something I don’t see taken advantage of nearly enough is Sheild Pen+Life Steal

Tell me using this

View on
with Holotwin
followed by a Life stealing 50% Shield Pen burst dash wouldn’t be awesome
Overshields don’t even exist at that point

I was so glad when they removed the shepard bots from the incursion back in the early days. They were really dumb. Aaaand now they are back. Why, why, why, why, why? Please leave this bot to PvE and Meltdown.

I don’t mind the shepherd bots that much, but I think the minions are a little bit too powerful now. When you empty all 30 assault rifle rounds into a blade bot without it dying, there’s a problem.

I like the shepherds. Makes melee not garbage without a really dedicated healer.

They weren’t removed because they were dumb. There was a problem with the “every four waves” system where Shepherds would get stuck on the sides, gather up, and although the lack of Shepherd for so long usually made you lose your sentry, having 6 to 8 all attack at once would kill everything else

Shepherds bring a whole new level of strategy to the game. I like them and have missed them the while time they were gone.

I ran to them in slow motion when they came back.

I think the scaling is going to use fine tuning but I am overall very happy with the changes.

I understand that, but I just don’t think they are needed on Incursion. There shouldn’t be any minions that buff stuff. Incursion already have Thralls and Elite bots, it doesn’t need Shepherds too. Too much NPCs makes this mode PvEvP, not PvP.

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