In A Big Rush Effect

Isis’s level 5 In A Big Rush increases his movement speed by 50% when overcharged. However, overcharging his cannon decreases his movement speed. Can anyone explain how these actually work? Does the In A Big Rush increase his overcharging movement rate (slowed) by 50%, or does it actually negate that effect and increase his base movement speed by 50%?

When overcharged it’ll take your movement speed and increase it by 50%. So your really slow isn’t that slow. It synergizes well with his level 3 helix “charging on the go”. Making you pretty damn quick while overcharged.

It increases the slowed rate. As said, combined with the level 3 helix, it can be interesting.

If you take that skill and the lvl 3 skill that lets you move at normal speed while charging then you’re basically Sprinting while overcharged.

It’s interesting to say the least, i personally dont take the lvl 3 skill most of the time, but it is interesting.