In certain instances the turret defeys gravity

with the turret it will defy gravity in certain instances like if it is spawwned on a platform then the platform moves away from it like if you use the railgun to get high you can place the exalibur to stay there and on exaliburs platform you can place a turret and after jump on the turret and stay up high for the whole match

Description Summary: the turret disobeys gravity

Observed Results: i can stay at the top of the map for the match

Steps to Reproduce:
“1. use the rail gun to get to the highest point on the map .
2. place the exalibur
3. stand on the exalibur platform and place a turret onto the platform
4. stand on the turret and when the exalibur goes you will still be on the turret and it will be floating

Expected Results: the turret should fall down

Build ctt 44

edit this works with mines to

Full analysis (based on my playing waaaaayyyy too much with mines) physics is only enabled with objects during initial deployment. given enough time with cooldown based deployments, you can build full sculptures with objects, as they clip with each other. if the base that an object is attached to goes away, your sculptures go total minecraft and just float.