In Defense of Ava

Haha, agreed.

Jawf94, I agree with you. She just wanted to be with her idol & help & like you say, she’s a kid so is definitely deserving of a lot more leway (hmm not sure how to spell leway but you know what I mean). Just the nerve on her to blame Lilith, but like you say, she is a kid and probably needs to blame someone other than herself.


Ah, yes, the best contender to lead the crimson raiders.


Who said anything about her leading? If anything, Tannis would be the leader-in-line. Or Mordecai.


No, I :sparkling_heart: my girl Tanis, but putting her in charge is like well putting her in charge. It’s a bad idea.

Yeah the ending makes it look like Lilith is putting her in charge for some reason… Makes no sense.


I think Tannis is more capable than she gives herself credit for. So she doesn’t like social interaction; a leader doesn’t really have to like chit-chat. And she is a Siren.

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It’s not just her social awkwardness, she’s nuts mate. She would go to war over someone insulting a chair.

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I don’t think she’s quite so nuts. Not as bad as she was in Borderlands, certainly. Plus the Raiders are Pandorans, they’re all a little nuts. A bit during and after Borderlands 2, though, she certainly seems more stable and capable.

My girl has always been capable, but let’s not forget, to keep warm she tauntauned :ram: herself instead of leaving the room.

The day they make best girl sane is the day I give up on gearbox. Shoot, next you’ll be saying Tina likes oatmeal raisin cookies.



The only character I’ve ever hated more was Solas in Dragon Age Inquisition.


(I still can’t figure out how to direct quote)


C’mon, Tauntauning herself was pretty funny, and ingenious! Plus a good chance to experience the inner workings of a Skag…

I doubt they’ll ever make Tannis completely sane, and NEVER will Tina accept heretic cookies. But, I’ve read on the wikia (can’t confirm it) that Amara was given command of the Crimson Raiders. Certainly a strong (pun intended) choice!


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As someone on the Autism spectrum I do not always agree how she is portray but I do agree with the statement. Also, I think she cares for the members more then people realizes. For example, that attempt to give some final words about Maya.

If that brat was not there then maya would have been able to defend herself better and not need to worry about the brat being safe …Ava is to blame and then she tries to blame it on lilith pfft …lilith should have slapped her and told her she is to blame then sent her to her room and locked the door…then fly to a planet with nuns and drop her off since she loved that so much on athenas…her parting words to her should be “you killed maya …you may have doomed the universe …spend your life now praying for forgiveness” and turn and walk away without another glance …(giggle) yesss yes that would be good


She shouldn’t have been in this game to begin with. What is a whiny child doing in this action/comedy game for adults? I’m 43 yrs old, I have enough of whiny teenagers in my real life without having it invade my downtime too tyvm.


Whether it’s her fault or not, Ava is a bad character and not needed. The story/writing is just not good. You just have to accept that and move on and go slide into a barrel, sending it flying into a maniac’s face. Or mantle like 6 things in a row. Game play is the star here, everything else is a basically equivalent to turd farming


Sansa had a huge part on it, she dropped the dime on Ned because she wanted to be the queen so bad.

I’ve said before, if Lilith had died where Maya did, and Maya went on to lead the story of Borderlands 3 and essentially take Lilith’s place, the plot would’ve been so much better even with Ava included.


I get that Ava is supposed to be an angsty teen, but she’s the archetypical angsty teen. She’s just a stock annoying character.


This. I would even accept Maya permanently losing her powers and Ava inheriting them. But Maya is still the leader. Maya being the leader opens the doors for the re-introduction of the BL2 VH’s.

Just so much missed opportunity with the story. The gameplay is awesome though

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