In Depth moze skills breakdowns?

Has anyone done an in depth write up about each skill in all of mozes skill trees? What’s good, what’s a must, what’s a waste of points etc ??

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Unfortunately there isn’t currently one.

A write up was done, but the author has since removed it.

The really good skills are:

  • Drowning in Brass
  • Desperate Measures
  • Thin Red Line (if you also take Desperate Measures or Phalanx Doctrine)
  • Phalanx Doctrine
  • Means of Destruction
  • Pull the Holy Pin
  • Vampyr
  • Redistribution
  • Forge

The bad skills are:

  • Everything related to Iron Bear (except Auto Bear if you have anointments for it and can use Vanquisher Rocket Pods with Target Softening, and maybe Some for the Road)
  • Behind the Iron Curtain
  • Force Feedback
  • Tenacious Defense (unless you’re using an immortal Stop-Gap build)
  • Why Can’t I Carry All These Grenades
  • To the Last
  • Explosive Punctuation
  • Short Fuse (not awful, but you have to take other bad skills to get to it)

Everything else is alright, and can be used as filler to reach the really good skills or if you have leftover points assuming they work with your build (e.g. don’t take Selfless Vengeance if you won’t ever reload).

Thanks man

to the last is an excellent skill dont know what he’s talking about.

  • dont have line of sight on enemy but have homing grenades? huck grenades at an enemy until it dies

It’s just like Axton’s. It’s not a must have but if you are going down the tree it is absolutely worth the one point.

Don’t sleep on Scorching RPMs and One For The Road as well. They turn the Lyuda and Quickie into instant boss killers.

You shouldn’t be going down the tree is my point, Short Fuse isn’t worth it. Only go as far as Vampyr.

Short fuse is great if you are using faster ROF splash weapons and a blast master. It’s really lackluster otherwise.

To the last isn’t bad at all. Worth the one point if one is speccing down that tree. It’s saved my ass plenty of times

Why can’t I carry all these grenades isn’t great, but it’s really the only burner if speccing demo woman and avoiding all IB skills.

Also, if Means of Destruction changes turn to be permanent, Why Cant I Carry all these Grenades could be more useful for grenade-centric builds.

I would say Some for the Road is pretty good with ammo hungry guns, heavy guns and Torgue stickies.

Short Fuse is worth it if you’re going for a BM/DW Blast Master/Ogre build, just like Tenacious Defense is worth it if you’re doing an immortal Stop-Gap build. They’re not bad all the time, but for most builds they’re a wasted point, or several in Short Fuse’s case since you have to dump points to get to it.

To the Last, IMO, is the kind of skill that seems useful because you clearly remember the times it saves you, but isn’t in actuality because those times are so infrequent. I guess it’s not bad per se, but I don’t know that I’ve ever gone down and thought “man, if only I could throw a grenade right now.”

To the last is a definite if going down the tree to capstone. Its not an absolute, but I found it really helpful, and I kind of miss it with my Bottomless/SOR build that I am currently running.

Totally agree with you on the other points, but with Short Fuse, I would extend it past the ogre. I loved it with the Westergun setup I was running previously

I’ve never tried the Westergun, but I’d think its clip is too small to make Short Fuse worth it. Without double-dipping on Blast Master it’s very underwhelming.

It is normally, but with a artifact with mag size and a good blast master, I can run entire maps without reloading. They do drop with two primary mag version, one small mag/high damage and another lower damage/high mag. The difference is like a 24 capacity to a 44 capacity. Thanks to com and artifact with mag size, I run low mag versions. Otherwise, I would go opposite. It isn’t ridiculous DPS, but it is solid for all content, and more importantly fun and easy to farm a full set.

What do you mean by “Double dipping on Blast Master”?

Ah, yeah good point.

As for double dipping, I haven’t verified, but I assume the initial hit and the secondary explosion both get the Blast Master bonus. The secondary explosion damage is derived from the initial hit damage, so you’re getting the Blast Master bonus twice.

Ah, that totally makes sense. Thank you for the clarification!!