In Desperate Need of Shock Practicable Thinking for Maelstorm Athena

Hey guys, I’m in need of a Practicable Thinking Hyperion Shotgun in the Shock Element, I’ve used every golden key there is basically, and am still yet to find one. I know some of you play as Athena and use her as your main character so you might have one to give. I have all elements of Bullpup, Hail, and just about any other gun you could possibly need, I’m just unable to get one of these

If you have one message me on XBL, Alpacadude01

I have all set if you need it still.
I need P.Company Man Shock, Gwens Head all elements and Hails (all elements)

I have a Ferocious Hail, Shock, Fire, and Corrosive that I can give you. Message me on XBL to set up a trade if you’d like, and I can show you everything else I have.