In Dire need of a Maggie

Hi everyone. I’m pretty bummed out. Just realized today that I’ve been running around with a lvl 49 Maggie THIS WHOLE TIME! And it’s my only Maggie. I’m not looking forward to the Tremendous Rex farm, but I guess I’ll give 'er hell. My luck ain’t all that good though, so if anyone is feeling kind enough to send me a spare I’d greatly appreciate it. And I’d also be willing to trade if it’s a really good anointed. Please and Thank you

My gt is RavenMock3r

I’ll send you one. Not sure if it’s anointed if at all but it’s a lvl 50 maggie. Won’t be on till this evening EST if that’s fine.

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Sounds good. I appreciate it.

No problem!

I have about 8 different versions mate. We have traded before. What do you want on it? +5% dam from kills, SNTL Cro, next two mages, rakk attack, a Bear anointment?

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The 5% dmg from kills will work for me. And thanks a bunch man.

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It’ll get me started on my hunt for the other anointments. Thanks again

Do you have the ib incendiary maggie?

I got the ASE100 if that’s the one you’re hunting

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Not on Xbox, but I’ve gotten Maggie’s off of traunt and graveyard, if that helps

i have the next two mags incendiary maggie

Hey was wondering if you still had a sntl cryo Maggie? Farming atm for it with no luck…can def throw some stuff your way too of course

That is the top of my want list, but I didn’t want to ask too much from you guys.

Yeah, world drops aren’t kind to me

All good I got you, won’t be till tomorrow tho I’m going out to dinner tonight with friends who get me drunk every time lol.

Sent ya a maggie i found

Awesome. Thanks again bro.

I appreciate it man

I’ve got Maggie’s for each of my characters now and a couple of different builds, so I’m set now. Thank you guys for the generosity.