In dire need of some uvhm gear

Can anyone spare any lvl 50 - 60 gear? I’m running jack at the end of tvhm just trying to farm anything and everything I can to start uvhm but I’m getting to be about 53 now so the tvhm endgame loot won’t last for long at all once I start uvhm. Any help or tips at all would go along way . I’m on xbox one GT: POPPAxMOLLIE

I’d highly recommend just starting UVHM. You can always load your character up into TVHM if you want to go back and finish anything later on. (TPS differs from BL2 in one respect: when you switch mode, your character will be wherever you left them the last time you played that mode.)

If you find your level 50 gear sucks at level 53 in UVHM, go into TVHM and burn some golden keys at the chest - the contents will always be your level, regardless of the mode.

I’ve been trying to get some golden keys but everytime I enter any shift code it keeps telling me it’s invalid. I didn’t start off with any keys either even though I had a bl2 game save . I started uvhm I just started going through CV dlc to try to get some gear since I can’t even kill dead lift with what I had

Invalid or expired? There’s a list of current keys (including some recent ones) here:

Might want to make sure you’re entering the correct code - I sometimes misread things and try and put in a PS3/4 or PC code by mistake.

Make sure you get decent shock weapons. Even in UVHM, Deadlift is pretty much ALL shield. If you can pick up a grounded shield (even green rarity) that would also help. DL is a real pain; just remember that with a decent shotgun or SMG you can shoot his homing shock orbs down before they hit you. He’s also really vulnerable to head shots when he’s activating one of the shock floor generators.

Wow no ■■■■ i did not know i could shoot his shock balls . Those were the entire reason I kept failing I tried to find cover from them everywhere you think I’d know that by the third playthrough. Thanks alot !
And yes everytime I enter the shift codes it says invalid I’ve tried 4 different places even twitter and they were the same . Also are the weapons and skins shift codes always valid? I’d really like to get that machine and some kind of shotgun.

Not always, no - check on the thread I posted for expiry dates. Even the golden key ones usually have a “use before” date.

If you find a current code that’s giving you the same problem, you might want to check that your Gamer Tag is properly linked to your SHiFT account. Otherwise, I’d suggest filing a support request - the support folks are usually pretty good at figuring out this stuff.

Alright if they don’t work I will be filing a request thanks alot very helpful