In-game email notifications

Is there any way to get an on-screen notification when an email arrives in the Social section of the main menu. Currently I am at level 67 on PC playing as Amara and whilst inputting the SHIFT code for the brilliant Diamond Key I took a look at my in-game emails. To my horror I found a level 46 Bekah, a level 58 Double Penetrating Scoville and a level 58 Embers Purge. If only I knew they were there it would of helped my progress greatly.

There is :wink: though small and seeing nobody actually pays attention to it, most people overlook this :wink:

Also bekah, ember’s purge and Scoville are once per character (doing it in TVHM won’t work)

If you want to get a max level variant,

  • Bekah you get from doing hamerlock hunts in main game
  • Ember’s purge you get from blowing up pretty boy’s statues in DLC1
  • Scoville you get from shooting torgue’s hotsauce bottles in DLC1

Order doesn’t matter for either, mail will be sent to you after the last one is finished (probably you didn’t even know about these rewards)

Yeah, it does actually pop up a small alert in game (about 2/3rds of the way up, close to the left edge). Although if you have social notifications turned off completely it might not do that? You should get one every time a manufacturer or crew challenge giver sends you an item though.

I go in fairly regularly to check since I’m cashing out all those manufacturer bonuses on characters who don’t have full SDU counts yet.

@knighm : managed to snag a screen shot of one of the notifications so you know what to keep an eye out for (added a yellow box to highlight it in the image):

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