In game mega issue thread


Congratulations on releasing the game! Am enjoying it to see how it plays out with many new people.
But of course we all have a few issues to report and before everyone start their own thread with 50% duplicates, I suggest people to post in game issues (not outside game glitches like launch problems) in summary in here, so devs can pick them up easily.

Here are what I found to be concerning from what I’ve seen so far. (Not listing really trivial ones)


  • Sometimes, on launching the game, it freezes. Usually works great for 2 players, but gets stuck on more than 3 human players. Game goes to “Waiting for other players to finish loading…” and has ambient sound going on but won’t proceed. Not sure what info needs to debug this, will provide as requested.
    So far I’ve tested with 3 other people but pretty much every game launched has failed in the same manner.


  • Non US region in steam settings does not allow multiplayer games to be listed. I had it set to Japan, only to see no games being listed but after changing it to one of the US region in the steam settings, it worked.

  • In the game, at the left bottom corner, when you select multiple ships, ship icons are displayed but since they are very tiny, I cannot see how many ships of the same types are selected, and also making it very hard to click on them.

[Can live with]

  • Chat letter limit is way too low. At game lobby or in game, I can’t type more than 50 letters or so in a line.

  • Chat screen wobbles in game. It doesn’t while it’s off, but when the box is open, it moves left and right.

My topic was suppose to be for all members to report the things in one place so there wasnt topics all over but people have made their own threads. :confused:

Excellent idea Hid

I have also experienced these problems. The issues of social interaction are important, such as the lack of the lobby chat and the very low character limits when chatting. However, it is the crashing, the sync errors and the failures to load that are really the problem. I am sure they are looking into the stability issues, but at the moment it is all a little too similar to the old gamespy issues for comfort!

Yes, online multi-player is having some big issues. Lots of games are getting stuck while loading when there’s more than 2 human players. The screen usually gets stuck on “Downloading Content” or “Waiting for other players to finish loading”.

I was about to say how this wasn’t any different than Gamespy in HW2 back in the day. :smile:

In mission 4 when the Bentusi arrive, which I think is triggered by you completing a resource controller, the benusi ship is so close to the mothership that the resource controller gets stuck on it’s way out of the capital bay. You can’t use it until you trade with the Bentusi and they zip off.

Group assignments don’t stick correctly. I am frequently trying to select a group that is supposed to contain all of a class of corvettes, and it doesn’t get all of them, especially after a mission jump.

The “stay docked” selection not sticking across jumps is also annoying. There are missions where you really don’t want an auto-launch at the start, and I’m not looking forward to micro-managing the mess that’s going to happen when I get there.

Biggest issue I’ve had so far is that my fighters and corvettes in HW1 Remastered absolutely refuse to stay in formation. I recognize that this is largely because they’re based on HW2 fighter mechanics, but this getting fixed is, really, the best way to balance them against HW2 squadrons.

A formation has better survivability and command, and thus requires less micro, rather ironically.

So yeah. Please fix formations, please. :smile:

Found another thing I cant find any options for, when looking at the launch tab it shows one long list on the left side with a large amount of room the icon for the ships maybe covers a quarter of the space.,