In Game notifications

Crew challenge completion, entering a new area, these glaringly oversized useless notifications really need to be scaled back. They last too long and interfere with too large a portion of the screen. And that’s in single player - have y’all (devs) even played splitscreen yet? If I open a Typhon reward chest, then my wife comes behind me 4 seconds later and does the same thing in second player… I can’t see the rewards from my chest for at LEAST a full 8 seconds. Have y’all (devs) tried entering a Lumberyard on Eden 6? You can’t just run in and start killing in splitscreen - not without a death wish. It takes 5 seconds for the first player to see anything but the ui and a wall of text because for some reason it’s important I always know the zone of the area I walk into?

Seriously, give us an option to turn this nonsense OFF or at the very least scale the display of the messages down to 1 second in length. They’re a complete waste of the gamers time and serve literally no purpose.

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This is even worse when fighting between different areas. It will notifiy the place where you at each time you walk over a certain line and when things get intense and you walk back and forward, it resets each time. Last night i probably had something like ‘maliwan base’ fill half of my screen for like 30 seconds

Also I thought they fix the weaponcards that will flow over player 1 screen when player 2 looks at a weapon. Still happens

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