In game recording and on screen clock

Did anyone ever confirm the HW1 and HWC style record feature was returning in the remastered? This feature was sorely missed in HW2. I also wonder about the possibility of watching old games in the remastered.

The other thing is the on screen clock. Such a small thing that made such a huge difference in game play that was added in HWC, but absent in HW2. I know there were little mods to add one, but I’d rather it just be there.


I remember using clock in hw2 , I think that it were a small mod, but yeah, reallyyyyy important


must have our clock back. the clock is very helpful when formulating and perfecting build openers. it is also great for teaching clan members and helping newer players get off the ground.

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Must have our recording back ffs… in both. They both are great tools to keep this game competitive for a few years to come.

I’m honestly starting to think they would’ve been better off just remastering HW1 in the HW1 engine. Homeworld was the critically acclaimed game, not HW2. All the ‘cult followers’ loved how HW1 was done and kinda “meh” for HW2.

It’s way to early for me to stand up and claim full on disappointment, but I’m scared that after this giddy feeling for shiny graphics wears off I’m going to be left with an expensive HW2 mod that just got a lot of attention.


+1 for in-game timer. We have all used the little script to calculate our build timing in HW2 and guess what other side could be up to at a particular moment.

Need recording AND the timer, right after fixing the launch issues and kamikaze bug.

The in-game timer has arrived!

Edit: After Gearbox’s first patch “-overridebigfile” now disabled the steam button for online play, so this mod only works offline.

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Nice! Will this render me incompatible in MP?

Hey @Cloaked,

The instructions say to paste the Data folder into \HomeworldRM\

There is already a Data folder in there. If you follow the instructions exactly you will overwrite the old directory which contains the sub directory /Animatics/ and all the .big files. Was this the intention or do we need to copy the content of your Data directory (/ui/newui/resource.lua) into the existing Data directory?

The in-game timer works online. Also, when you paste the data folder, it will just add the resource.lua file - it wont delete any of the existing files. Pasting folders in windows always merges folders without deleting anything.

Cool thanks. Been a long time since I was a windows user. Seems like I remember when you copy a directory into a directory that contains a directory with the same name it would prompt for overwrite.

Awesome, worked like a champ!

So is this working online?

No, not since the first patch. Still works offline though if you are timing out builds

Just want to give this topic a bump.

I’d definitely like to have recording and a clock back. They made us better players.

I miss the clock a lot, but I really REALLY miss the recording feature. That was one of biggest disappointments of homeword 2. Do you think it was left out because of the engine? How did that recording feature work? I know it wasnt an actual recording but a file that just that made the game replay what actually happened. Was this just not possible in the current engine?

Could you imagine the videos we could clip together now if we that any point of view playback to screen cap? We could create entire short movies with with screen caps like that.

Which also begs another question. Will the current HW1 Classic play back old game recordings?

@UberJumper do you know the story behind this and allowed to share?

I just loaded one up and it looks like it’s working.

Does the OMO have an archive at their site by chance?

Coming from Supreme Commander I too am missing both a clock and a record feature. As others have already said, it makes for better competitive play being able to estimate what your enemies are doing and also making sure that you’re on schedule.

If we had the ability to replay matches with a proper spectator mode it would be huge in promoting this game through casting etc.

Are there still no working timer mods for the online mode?