In-game reporting can't come soon enough (XB1)

Battleplan #7 mentioned that gearbox is working on a player reporting feature. Any word on when that will be released? And will it come with a vote-to-kick feature?

i’ve had two situations recently (in PvE) with bad players in terms of their behavior. in one, a player refused to use the activation pad prior to the last boss on voids edge (where you have to destroy the shard to open the gate) until the varelsi had all been killed and they weren’t helping to kill the varelsi shielders on the boss fight. in the other situation, a player was AFK starting from the mission vote all the way to a little before the henchman fight on algorithm. they eventually made it back before they were automatically kicked but they chose to run around and not help to kill the boss. i dropped group on that one because i refuse to stay in a group where a player isn’t going to help and is essentially getting carried.

i hope a vote-to-kick feature comes with the player reporting too. it doesn’t do you any good to report a player if you are stuck with them for the rest of the game. you shouldn’t have to be in a position where your only options are to either leave or hope the other player gets their act together.

i was with a team of 5 for the first time against a diff team of 5 got them FOR THE FIRST TIME didnt play against them. they got the map they wanted left at character selection did the same thing 3 other times in a row.
I’m going to assume they were A trolling
B afraid to fight another team of 5
or C looking to stomp random pugs which is what my team was before one guy invited us all after a match.
In short i Cant wait for whatever system is planned.
I’ve had all instances you describe happen in PvE too.
they said sometime this month probably.

I’ve been in that situation a few times. It appears that if you grind down all the waves, they eventually stop (or at least are substantially reduced). Meanwhile, you can rack up a lot of XP from kills/assists. I know that the meta until now has been get someone upstairs ASAP and then defend Wolf, but I’m not sure that always pays off?

This however:

is a very good way to run out of lives and lose the game. Did you try using a mic to talk to them or send them a message? If they were low level, they simply might be unaware of the mechanics.

There is still the possibility to report them to xbox for their behaviour.

But this constant trolling (in all online games) is getting out of hand. They need to feel, that their behaviour has consequences.