In-Game Reporting Feature (If abused)

As the title says, what will happen if someone reports you falsely? (I’m speaking console, not PC)

-Someone gets alot of kills on you. (Taunting after a kill only builds the rage for some).
-Someone took the character you wanted to play as.
-No one healed/revived you in time when they could of.
-Not sharing shards.
-Basically reporting just to be a dick.

I don’t do these things but I’ve had people tell me they file reports and complaints when they lose or get angry at someone and I even had 3 friends once who actively recorded themselves doing it in game after they were killed by another player. (Destiny, to name one) Normally I’d not care but when your actual account is on the line then it’s a little worrisome.

EDIT: I just gave the report article link to a friend, came here to write this topic, went back to the chat and saw this “ima report everyone who kills me” >______>

I’m slightly more worried now.

As far as I understood GBX stated they´ll look over every report and judge the situation. So I´d conclude that repeatedly false reporting or reporting for false/minor reasons will be handled as well.

I read that but I don’t understand how they would find proof, or lack of.

My guess is they would view the reporting habits of the person reporting and the number of reports against the person being reported. If a person has a habit of reporting almost everyone they play against, like the people who kill them a lot, then they may not take his reports seriously when looking at the overall picture. And if the person being reported has a lot of reports against them for the same thing and are being reported by people who don’t seem to have any weird reporting habits then it can be taken more seriously. Also, if someone has a report against them but no other reports then that factors in as well.

Ah, that makes a bit more sense.

I just hope there is a human in the loop at all times with this report feature, I remember two occasions on Gears of war 2 where I was suspended from Xbox live for a fortnight due to sour teams group-reporting me.

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