In game shield drop(NOT MODDED)

I’m contacting you about a random shield drop i got in game. people have been questioning its legitimacy dude to its rolls and specks.
below i have attached a small clip detailing the shield in question.
i look foreword to hearing back from you soon.

thank you,
Justin Schwochert.

That’s modded shield.

its not modded i wouldnt be here asking about a modded shied and if it is modded then how did i get it from a random drop in game. i do not play with open lobbys so theres not a way some one could have dropped it on me. i am a ps4 player and not on pc. if that makes a diffrance
thank you for your response

Would someone have mailed it to you?

holy crap thats a modded shield.

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modded as F… :rofl: double stop gap? recharger? Come on… this is so painfully obvious

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Yeah, modded one.

It has Stop-Gap in the name twice, and has the red text from both the Stop Gap and the Re-Charger. So it’s at least a triple legendary, which obviously isn’t something that happens naturally.

no this was a ground drop well mobbing jakob esstae

Were you solo?

yes. with closed lobbys

Well, maybe you got it on another multi playing. As @jgartenbenz say: two red texts, two legendaries in one piece.

agreed this is why i am confused about it and came here asking about it.

i may look stupid asking about it but im truly confused no one was in my game when drop and i was not playing with anyone prior to this drop. and i play with closed lobby so i dont have people loot spamming my lobby. i have not found anything about it online besides a ebay on thats chopped full of AKE and that is not the shield i have

Found it. It was on eBay few month ago. You can’t found it now because it’s only lv57.

the one i seen on ebay was filled with ASE ASA . but this still dont explain how i acquired it threw a radom drop in game. i appriate you looking into but my question still lies unanswered.

Maybe the answer is that you didn’t check about it when you found.
Then it was in you bag pack for some time and you take a look at it when you found another stop gap.
Btw more than 500 000 capacity isn’t legit. Even at lv65 we can’t found a shield that raise 100 000

i was already running with a stop gap dude to zanes ASA break shield for inc dmg and movment speed. so i was using that for the 5sec immune and yes i seen stop gap and compaired it and jaw dropped.yada yada ive been using it sence. cause f yeah a dope sheild. then poepl on my stream started asking how my shield cap is at 700k so i told them then they said the same thing “modded” so i came here to fine others who may also have legit found this in game to hopfully prov thatthis shield is real and not modded. im not asking any one to belive me im just looking for other like me.

I’ll send you the link to found it on internet by PM, not here.

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looks modded by 2 red text it has as i have seen few modded shields and also number on shield protection wise being over 100k shows its also possibly modded at 510k.