In Game Timer & Clean UI mods

In Game Timer mod:

Clean UI mod:

This mod removes most of the UI, creating a clean interface. It also makes the unit icons twice as big so they’re easier to see. Additionally, this mod includes the in-game timer, and a zoom mod that allows you to zoom the camera out farther.

Edit: After Gearbox’s first patch “-overridebigfile” now disabled the steam button for online play, so this mod only works offline.


I like the timer, but I’d hope they’d make it that way in vanilla and have it say “Resource Units” when you cover the icon/counter instead of always having that long text.

Good example for GBX to follow by. :stuck_out_tongue:

Im using the timer, many thx.

I still don’t like how everything is crammed into the corners. Maybe I can port HW2’s interface over to the new engine…

Unfortunately yesterday’s patch prevents people from using -overridebigfile online. :frowning: Looks like they baked this into the exe too.

So any UI mods aren’t usable online right now. If you find any workarounds let me know. I at-least want to get an in-game timer working online!!!