In game voice chat . for online games broken . it all garble or echos. on ps4

When have a mic on in a online game if you put the psn party chat to in game chat . Everyone muffled and echo and garble. but when in a psn party chat it normal . It sucks when in a psn party with just 2+ people and have open world game and like met maybe a new friend or foe, and the in game chat of other people can not hear the conversations, in echo or garble, or think it broken and not going listen ,

It then invite to psn party , even when a person you may not want to talk , or 5 min of a psn tells , so the person believes there people talking.

only to find out that after one sentence of voice tell like , wish never even invited to the PSN group chat, that a simple in game voice chat . would have notice. during the run.

Also helps make new friends when in game chat working .

I know alot us like to run with PSN party chat open , and it like the old xbox live days . When to many go to bed , can just open world chat with some people and maybe find like minded people to play the game with.

It not just one person or one modem or routers . a group us play together all around the world . and been on all there to .

How cool it is! I will save it for later experience. Thanks a lot. :grinning: