In honour of the Bullpups

Is it just me, or are these sexy littke Blue shotties among the very best weapons in the game?

I’ve been going kind of grinder crazy as of late, and, as such, ive been needing a lot of Moonstones.

As a result, ive been getting a LOT of Bullpups.

This works out nicely, since I’m currently maining a Shotgun only Willy.

These things kick serious ass!

Especially when combined with a Mauler class mod (20-35 percent extra Shotgun accuracy and damage) and a Strafing Run oz kit (added fire rate and recharge speed)!

I generally sell the NE varieties because I love me some Elemental damage.

A Corrosive Bullpup seems to be wven better than a Viral Marketer, except that Bullpups can never get Blades or Luneshine, sadly.

What do you guys think about these guns?

Bullpups can spawn with blades. They’ll have the Downsizing prefix.

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Pretty rare!

Not sure if i’ve seen one…

Thank you!

et voila!


If only it conferred its elemental affinity to melee strikes. Oh, well, maybe next game.

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That would be sweet indeed, sir.

Haha, you’re kinda late to the party. Every top gear thread has the bullpup in there somewhere, every “how do I kill x?” has at least one reply saying “use the bullpup”, it’s in shotgun builds, it’s in hyperion builds, it’s everywhere. Anyone who likes Thinking shotties likes the Bullpup, its only contender is the Tales from the Borderlands shotgun called “The Company Man”

Oh, and the Viral Marketer is indeed much worse, it doesn’t get the splitting extra projectiles from BL2, and the ricochet effect is eh.

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Late to the party, indeed!

As I’ve previously stated, there is a LOT to this game that I’m only just discovering recently, on my own, due to finally doing solo playthroughs as opposed to joining co-op lobbies and relying on my team-mates rather than my own gear / skills!

Also, apparently i am quite oblivious…


A glitched variant of a Hyperion Thinking has also been doing very well with my Maelstrom Athena, its stats are better than the Company Man (except for the magazine size).

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Oh yeah, I forgot about the mag size increase glitched weapons get. D’oh!

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You should try it + a purple Clear Skies Oz Kit against EOS and RK 5.

You’ll deal 50% extra damage rofl. Killed RK 5 very fast.

And all my characters have Bullpups now. Really better than any Shotgun I ever used in this game. Didn’t use Company Man.

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Yes, that was my exact setup against Normal RK5 a few days ago.

Purple acidic clear skies + corrosive bullpup, RK5 died within 3 seconds of emerging from his starting position to the left of the elevator!

Anything kicks ass with a yellow glitch. Athena isn’t the best for using glitch weapons, but i suppose getting a yellow glitch would let you get some easy maelstrom before abusing the sh*t out of Unrelenting and Elemental Barrage.

I mentioned Maelstrom Athena for the fact that it’s a shotgun with both 7 pellets and better accuracy and fire rate than the Bullpup, so it’s better for Maelstrom stacking.