In Incursion, should characters level up faster?

There’s nothing worse than being in an intense match and finally hitting Level 10 - with only a few seconds to spare. It’s pretty disappointing, and unless you’re killing a lot of minions or opposing players, reaching level 10 isn’t going to happen - hell, reaching level 7 is sometimes a huge task.

So I was wondering if it should be that anyone can hit level 10 (which this post is primarily about) well before the match has even ended without grinding? I know some characters like Orendi are much faster at leveling up (while others are slower) but I think it should be that hitting level 10 shouldn’t take up the entire match anymore.

Plus, the way I see it, by halfway throughout the match, everyone should be level 10 or slightly behind, which is a moment when the match finally turns around and becomes a much more thrilling experience (as it stands, halfway through the match, everyone is roughly around level 5-7).

I know this would need to be tested (hitting level 10 and wiping out the first sentry would be insane), but I think there should be something. What do you think?

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It would be nice to be able to realistically reach later levels - this applies to PvP and PvE modes. (Looking at the OPS missions)
An in match leveling system is cool until the devs decide that they’ll make all matches last barely enough to get your ult.

In Incursion, should characters level up faster?

Nope, nope, nope

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If you play a full game of incursion and don’t hit 10, you’re doing something wrong. The XP is fine, I don’t want orendi getting pillarstorm halfway through the game.


If you wanna hit high level minon sweep, minion sweep, minion sweep. Play the objective. Don’t die. Dont chase. Don’t worry about kills. Only thing that matters is deaths and minions.

My vote went to “No”.

I voted no.

  • if, I were inclined to vote yes; only 10% faster.

However, I’m going to post a caveat.

I could see something like bonus objectives granting the whole team a level once per game or something.

Like get Mid Thralls - twice

Or…buy 5 Fat Bots

Or control the most turrets for 5 min.

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This is basically how I feel about it.
The most important point here is the match time. If you’re getting stomped, you can’t expect to reach 10 before the sentries go down.

But in a good and hard match that lasts until the last second, I always got to 10.

Also, since no one has brought this up: Building gear.
With a proper combination of Gear and Character you can gain a level advantage through building alone. Add a few minion and player kills and you’re basically guaranteed to reach 10.

Making level progression easier would indirectly buff building gear through the roof.

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I thought most Orendi’s already did this with their “Cheap Buildables” power leveling?

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Those 2 sentences can contradict each other. Killing players and minions matter as much as not dying frequently. I’ve said this before and I will say it again, killing players is the best support you can provide to your teamates.

As other have mentioned, in a full Incursion match you should be able to reach level 10 within the last 5-10 mins of the match. (As long as the battle is not one sided)The exception is of course builds like Orendi’s that focus on Shard Regen and Cost Buildable. These characters can achieve level 10 within 15 mins after the game starts.

I usually reach level 10 around the 10 minute mark, still tho, they need to focus on Meltdown. Increase the score to 400 pls

I voted no, because i feel that late-blooming characters who normally have a HUGE impact after holding your ground for awhile would just benefit too much from faster leveling.


Buildable XP was reduced. That also only happened when people destroyed the turret right away, then didn’t push to take mid control and let him build it right back up.