In light of the past 2 days

I feel the community need a big big bear hug.Despite all the heated discutions, the outrage about nerfs,wich some were put together better than others. We make this community alive. We, in some way, made this game happen.

Where am I going with this? Everyone who is pissed have every right to be pissed, I will never question that. I too got in some heated discutions and made my points, guess what? I made a new friend. Even if we disagreed on the nerfs situation, we made peace and acknowledged each other point.

At the end of the day we are all in the same boat, we all have issues and wishes about BL3. Can we please get together and address these issues like civil human beings? I quit Reddit because it became a cesspool of uninteresting content. I love it here, we have a lot of people with interesting opinions and that are fun to interact with. Lets be better than we are now, it would be a shame that this forum become the next blizzard forum.


cheers :+1:


Hear hear, friend

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Hopefully in a few months - or maybe just until the next big game comes out - most of the people who are currently turning the forums into an obnoxious hell hole will have moved on and this place will return to being the amazing non-toxic community full of quality threads it was right up to the BL3 announcement.

I’m sincerely thinking about leaving the forums for at least a full year… This place is just unbearable right now.


Dont do that, if we all quit the toxicity will prevail. Its nice to have players that can have a discussion and an argument without feeling the need to go to the extremes. Its people like you that keep this place nice


It’ll be back to the same <100 regular peeps soon.

Seems like we lost a few old ones but hopefully we gained a few new ones.


Im new at posting, been lurking since BL2 days. I am here to stay


I remember being a lurker on bl1 and early bl2 days


Yeah the game is seriously depressing me LOL.

I thought about leaving but I will just play Destiny 2 and wait until things change…hopefully sooner rather then later.


Hes talking about the forums, not the game.

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it’s easy to view everyone as an enemy during times were so much happens in so short time, everyone have their own opinions and thoughts about every change which is normal. but it’s easy to forget, for me anyway, that everyone is here for the same reason and goal… to have a badass game and discuss with badass people.



Alot of stuff gets said in some passionate moments. Not all of it kind (I am just as guilty as others) but I agree, we are all in this together.

Something that does need to be understood by some individuals is that just because a bug didn’t affect you doesn’t make it any less devastating to someone that had it happen to them. Some of these bugs are massively worse than others. Minor lag isn’t that bad, more of an annoyance, but the game turning off my hardware with the potential to brick it, that is huge.

A lot of you folks criticizing people for complaining about the nerfs may not see that it is more than just the badass gun they are losing, alot of it is a chance to start to understand this game and its wacky mathmatics. The order of operations and those interesting synergies that exist aren’t readily apparent to everyone. To be quite honest I don’t understand alot of them, and because of that my Zane build is probably alot less capable than someone else. So if my number 1 gun that does the thing I was centering my build around in the hopes that I finally had something figured out to hold my own gets shafted, yeah, I would rightfully be upset.

I agree with a lot of people that feel some of the nerfs have been heavy handed. I am not given a lot of confidence when there is an endless litany of “justification” for every single nerf that happens that sound pretty suspicious. “Oh this was applying a number wrong” or “this left a random bullet floating out there” or “the spirit of this was this but this happened instead” and every bit of it sounds more and more like they don’t understand how the math works in their own game.

There are too many indicators that the testing on this game was way less than it should have been. And in so many different ways, from gameplay bugs to ui bugs to actual gameplay mechanics and the game content itself.

I dislike how forgettable so many of the legendaries feel, and I truly do not get why, in a game where you can give a gun legs, you cannot find a way to make a rifle stand out from the other four that look just like it.

I want to love this game. Everyone here on this forum wants to love this game. We may be the vocal few, but we are also the dedicated, the core fanbase, the ones who have been grinding every game you (Gearbox) made for the hope of this being the game of our dreams.


Thats a perfect example of getting your point across without giving in to toxicity and whining. I dont have anything against people voicing their concern with nerfs. What i criticize is the whining, some of them literally sound like underage child wanting an ice cream and not getting it. Thats what i have a problem with. I will respect anyone, even if i dont agree but respect goes both ways


I agree. The community needs to be crushed to death by powerful ursine limbs. :wink:

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@Machkeznho Your attention is required here, Ursine crushing hugs of doom are in need of distribution

The forum rules are an attempt to avoid toxicity. We have a very active moderation team to ensure that they are followed.

Pro tips:
Flag stuff. Move on. Don’t get drawn into personal conflict. Let the mods sort out the troublesome posters.


And you are doing a good job, all of you.

The forum crew are doing a great job and they are honest and fair.

I was flagged because someone didn’t like one of my posts but a moderator overrode the flag because he saw it wasn’t aggressive and removed the flag.

So many other forums wouldn’t have even checked.

I appreciate the mod crew here.


Ay very positive.Thats what the moderators will highlight my friend.But we must not stop demanding for this game to become something more than 200+ random thrown legendaries in a loot pool and a lot of “currently” unviable builds for an unexisting endgame.Endurance,well…atleast until halloween.