In light of the past 2 days

You got it wrong, it might be my wording as I am french and not native english. The thread was about getting everyone heard, both side of the coins. I am against extremes hyperbole and personal attacks. I am not against you disagreeing with me I am all for debates! Its the only way to have the best of both sides my friend.


Here, you can do that yourself. Click on this mention: @Noelle_GBX
Click on ‘summary’ or ‘activity’, click on ‘posts created’ and have a read.

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hyperbole and false statements are of zero use and one has to read between the lines a bit to understand the exact feedback…

“x item has been nerfed and now the game is unplayable”


“x item has been nerfed and it now not functioning with y build/skill”

both are theoretically saying the same thing but only one is actually useful, at least to me, especially the statement about the game being unplayable, which is untrue (unless your issue stops the game working).


She, actually.

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I’ve amended my post to reflect this.

To tell you the truth, I usually just lurk here, but some of the spaces I interact in since the nerfs have become very toxic. I play a Co-op game to make friends not being told how wrong I am or not playing the game.

Thanks for keeping awesome this forum. I’ll be sure to interact more here.


I’m not.
It was such a nice place prior to the Lilith DLC release.
jk :wink: Still a nice and very well managed place. But when the politic thread is among the nicest around… It tell you something!
In recent years we’ve seen people with attitude issues being deified. So it’s not surprising to see that kind of attitude from people hiding behind a keyboard.

Keep up the good work. In a few months it will all be behind us.

… And yes. Gearbox is listening. It’s in their own interest to please their gamer base. Sure some issues will be “passed along” and that’s it. Can’t please everyone and there’s constraint to work within.
So goes life.


Quite right. And to make it even better one could include a reason why that is not good or possibly a suggestion how things might work better.

I am adamant in my hope that a reasonable post has a higher probability of getting the desired effect than:

So while:

It’s not a given that the scream strategy will really work

And that idea is good, please don’t doubt that.

Your word in the Gods’ ears… Mayhap we need a ‘Make the threads more Canadian’ campaign :thinking:


Honestly, I never seen the toxity peopel here observe. This place is okayish compare to many other forums.

Can’t compare with reddit which is an big echo chamber where everyone that doesn’t follow group think will be banned or pushed out.

On some other forums I have seen a function that allow users to see where there are any orange employee responses in a thread. If that’s an option it really helps users see that the company is responding. I have been pretty active this week while i was sick but missed most of the orange responses.

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Every dev post can be found here:


Yes and thank you, everything you posted encourages me.

BL2 was not any better then BL3 as far as issues at launch, and in some regards it was worse.

People were unhappy about it and posted it and complained and let Gearbox know it was unacceptable, and they left a lot of bad reviews on places like metacritic.

Would Gearbox have made the changes to BL2 that they did that ended up making BL2 into the final GOTY edition that so many of us love without this negative feedback?

We will never know for sure, but if it happened to work out that way with BL2 I will happily continue complaining here in the same manner I did then until they FIX THE GAME.

I’m sorry if people are mad at me because I won’t blindly accept the argument “all games are like this now!!!” which is a garbage argument because no, not ALL games are like this. It’s not uncommon, but you see big game companies get away with it, and small companies tend to take care of their customer base better.

I will use Crate as an example. They have what, 13 employees? They put out an incredible game that is one of my personal favorites. They put it into early access before release and they let us beta test the game at a slightly lower price and I don’t mind that at all because that is what early access is. Upon release it was ready even though they added tons of content after.

BL3 should have been an early release title and then I wouldn’t care, but it isn’t. It was sold as ready for release and it obviously wasn’t.

People need to hold businesses accountable for the product they put out, but apparently people seem to find it ok to let certain companies off the hook and they have to sit there and make a thousand excuses as to why its ok, when in reality it simply isn’t.

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you might not like it, but it’s the truth. if you’re presented with a problem you can’t solve at first glance, what’s your response? i would imagine you’d say the exact same thing, atleast i hope that’s case. they can’t give you the answer you want if they don’t have it.

i’ve PM’ed Noelle twice, and he/she responded both times, within 24hrs - ON PATCH DAY… can you imagine how many PMs they get on a patch day? i bet it’s a loooooooooooot


This response is known as DoubleSpeak and basically means “I hear, but plan on ignoring you, hopefully until you just go away.” It sounds like taking action but is meaningless.

I work in quality/auditing, if I don’t know I usually either don’t answer at all or literally say I don’t know. It’s an honest response.

I’d prefer something like- “that is an issue on our tracking list, but we don’t plan on starting to address for 2-4 months.” A response like this confirms it is on their list and a loose timeframe which I can use to check back on. They can’t work on all the bugs/features simultaneously.

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I agree not all games are like this now a more recent example for me would be God of war for ps4 it played like a dream on launch I’m sure there probably were bugs that some people experienced but nothing I personally noticed so that for me is a good example of a game being ready I currently play borderlands three on my xbox one just a bog standard 500gb one so I haven’t experienced too many crashes or game breaking glitches but its apparent that theres alot that either wasn’t comprehensively tested or tested at all I still love the game though and cant wait until things get fixed I’m in it for the long haul vault hunter 4 life

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Sure, made a new thread.


I do not agree with all the decisions gearbox made for the release but its a great game nonetheless. It will get better and better with DLCS