In light of the past 2 days

Listen person behind the monitor.When someone like me or any of the grown ups buys a game.We do it because humans have 2 distinct functions.Love/Feelings and Hope.These two alone is what makes everything go around.

PS.And sometimes we wanna have some genuine fun right?

Why did you buy this if you didn’t like it? Couldn’t you wait? Why would you support something that is beyond redemption and has no hope (since you already know developers are taking a bad turn).Not to mention that this community has a cult and is used to this because they do love the game and will wait patiently.

I think I pretty much explained the whole story for you mister.Also no , I’m not one of those die hard fans that will wait.I come and go (Everybody takes a break and stops playing for a certain time).But I can tell you this.If you don’t like something try to be more descriptive.Try to give solutions to the things you feel for.And if you don’t like to do that,you’re not helping anyone.Even yourself,you’re wasting your time.

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Yet you still want to censor how people express there opinions. Doesn’t make much sense.

Not at all, i want you to voice your concerns, the way you deliver it kills the essence.

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I was looking at this earlier and this is a great point.

PC has almost 2000 user (average player not critic) and Xbox has almost 400.

This does a good job of showing how badly BL3 is flopping to your average player.

Of course the critics/streamers that Gearbox hand picked gave them great reviews LOL.

I remember someone saying PCGamer gave them a bad score before the game was even released and that person was mad at PCGamer because BL3 couldn’t possibly be bad. Wonder how that person feels now seeing that of all the reviews, it looks like PCGamer hit it better then the rest.


I liked the The previous games this is a different game thus warranting a whole new opinion. And as for your constructive criticism comment refer to this which is from my post from weeks ago foreshadowing how people are going to react to the direction that they are going and continue to go. You’re full of assumptions but really don’t know too much.

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Here’s the thing. Gearbox need feedback. If people do that in a way that breaches the forum rules, then there is a chance that those post will be hidden.

Being angry, upset, or disappointed doesn’t mean anyone gets to ignore the rules.

If folks want to complain, fine, just don’t be a dick about it.


I’m not assuming anything.I’m not god and I cannot judge you.Thats the moderators work.
I know enough about the flaws that the game has and majority of its problems.And I made a thread about them describing them in detail.Thats my contribution.

About your concerns tho.
Bank space and your pipe bomb - Tho they are probably important to you are things of the past.
Pipe bomb being fixed , and Bank space being worked on including Mayhem modifiers.
I don’t know what you are so negative for.Your wishes will come true.

3 completely unwanted patches in the past month and none of the actual needed changes. That’s why. People are getting sick of being used as game testers for a game they paid $60+ for. It really takes over a mouth to at the very least add some vault space?


And…Let’s avoid personal comments here.

If you find any posts or users troublesome, flag or let the mods know.

Isn’t calling people dicks against the form rules ?

I’m describing a behavior and an attitude.

The unending unwanted nerfs and no sign of them stopping is the problem with none of the real issues being fixed.


This is human nature, people who don’t have an issue with things don’t speak up because they have little to speak up about. People who have negative feedback are voicing it.

If you hear more negative feedback about something does not mean it is in the majority. It just means we are human.

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They have said that they think they are done with large changes to gear, having dealt with the significant outliers.

Actually on the Gearbox stream on thursday they did say they have now taken care of the outliers and don’t see many more nerfs coming, some may come but no more on the radar.

This 100%. I work in retail and I can sell a stove that people end up loving and I will never hear a word, but the minute I sell something they aren’t happy with I am the first person they complain too.

Now the big difference is, if they complain to me, I get the stove fixed within a day or 2 because they need heat and I need them to be happy.

Now this game isn’t life threatening, but apparently Gearbox isn’t too concerned if we are happy because they already go their money…

Every move they have made has leaned in the same direction, nerfing the classes and the gear those classes use that aren’t called Siren’s. The blatant favoritism blows me away and I am really curious on this so called “30 day patch” that they haven’t mentioned for weeks and is now at what, 36 days?


It’s also human nature to blindly ignore constructive criticism and overall statistics because they don’t apply to you. The ratings and over all feedback are not positive.

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Well to be fair, the streamers they hand selected gave them glowing reviews before launch…

Let’s hope but I take that with a grain of salt. They had to do damage control for the overwhelm negative feed back from these unwanted changes.

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give this man/woman a beer and a medal cause by god this line put a joker size smile on my face…
also spytock1 good post man i know we have had our dissagrements over issues in the game an so fourth but that was well said man…
an now…

a tester ? ur kidding right? the game is far from broken an unplayable for the majority of ppl … there are a few but thats why i said majority…its far from a beta to be tested…an bank space would be nice but not really needed if u didnt farm 4 days with all them op builds an items…but idk what u do in ur spare time maybe u have 10 vh created an 300hrs in the game already im not gonna make assumptions…most of us here are really sorry that u aint having fun with the game but we also dont want the game that u want either cause its all subjective an what some think are fun others think is S***. but with that being said other than performance issues what would u like to be in the game ? (honestly i hope u say something diffrent then what im thinking just to prove me wrong).plese let us know what ur perfect bl3 looks like?