In my opinion.. the collision ruins this game

loading up your special? got your sights locked on enemy? lol doesnt matter cuz ur team mate is gonna get in the way and its not gonna hit the enemy!

loading up a nade? trying to shoot it around a corner? dont even try… it will just get stuck on the corner.

that ghalt guy is running around 3 shotting my entire team… maybe if i stay back and snipe him i can stand a chance… noipe… because theres invisible walls all over the place that stop your bullets.

please please remove these issues. kinda frustrating tbh.

this game is great but some things ruin it imo.

I feel you. Honestly I don’t mind dying fair and square but getting stuck on teammates is the absolute worst thing ever when your running away.

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I like the collision: is one of the things that give a different feeling from other games.

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Wish there was an invisible wall stopping snipers from taking down my sentry on overgrowth from their base. Kinda cheesy…


The collision issues are definitely a problem but please stop with the exaggeration on Ghalt. I have access to him and he’s not 3 shotting anyone from full shields and health. Maybe 8 full on shotgun blasts if I’m lucky. It fires slowly.

Ghalt has some power but he has to be completely in your face to use it, the shotgun is useless at even medium range. His hook is actually fairly hard to hit with because it’s slow and most people don’t just stand still. He’s actually pretty balanced. He’s also completely useless against any ranged character that stays out of his hook range, especially marquis, Toby, OM, Melkha, etc. He does well against melee because they have to be inside his prime shotgun range, so let ranged chars take care of him or jump him when he’s otherwise engaged.

I suggest you skill the slug rounds at level 3, for once. all negatives vanish, and the close quarter strength still stays.

there are games where I’m far ahead as any character (like me being lvl 9, while enemy is lvl 4), that makes a huge difference already.

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Agreed. Collision is bad. Invisible walls are not fun.

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It is frustrating, also the way that you can get pushed by your team mates is lame, have had it where someone has used a charge style skill near me and I have been sent flying into the air.

Trying to jump up over a ledge is annoying, if you are too close you get caught on the thing you are trying to jump over, you are then momentarily stuck until the animations sort themselves out, granted this isn’t long, but it’s long enough to be annoying.

Tripping on scenery is the worst though, you just get stuck, quite often once you get stuck it is then a pain to jump over, see point above. I find myself asking “Why can’t my “badass” negotiate a 2 inch step?”, have even had it where I get stuck on a step midway up a flight of stairs.

Imagine my pain when my main and first ‘master of’ is Attikus. If you go in for a smart trade to back out of you might step on a dandelion and get stuck and die. Even the weak mini minions will ruin your day sometimes when you go in just to aoe really quick for minion assist xp just to get stuck on one you can’t see without looking down. On one hand his size is his best utility, you can trap and/or block people all day when you know what you’re doing and it’s hilarious. On the other hand getting gibbed from full hp just because you stubbed your tire sized toe on a flower is way beyond frustrating. Not to mention the million times I try to do a nice in and out engage/trade just to have an ally standing behind me rubbing my back until I die because they’re blocking me.


I assume you’re conveniently not considering his helixes, which can significantly increase his damage potential and range potential.

I’m not conveniently forgetting anything, but thank you for accusing me of being dishonest. If he’s OP I’m all for balancing him out, I don’t main him, don’t play him that much and even if I did I’d rather he be balanced. I don’t think he’s OP though. The helix you think I’m conveniently forgetting makes his shotgun mid range at the very best but it also turns it from buckshot into a slug which significantly reduces the hitscan. You lose a lot of wiggle room with aiming for better range.

I’ve never had a problem facing Ghalt with any char that has range on him. He’s a major problem for most melee classes but that’s how it should be with a shotgun wielding character.

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I can only confirm this.

Level 3 slugs is pretty much a must. It grants you much more range and reliable hits while you keep full power.

Crits are also alot easier this way, especially when you hook someone and they’re flying to you in a straight line.

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Yes, it turns him from close range to mid range. And then there’s the other helix which makes him do twice his usual damage (at lower attack speed, but we’re counting shots, not attack speed).

Add that to his ult which lets him fire without reloading and the fact that we’re talking about mid-range combat since the whole complaint is being unable to engage at long range due to invisible walls…

I dislike the slugs. However I can confirm chain into a trap plus a full mag does the job depending on the character. I opt for the slow n the tactical rounds.

I’m aware of all of his upgrades, but his double shot slows his firing down to a crawl and takes it from 8 shots to 4 double shots. Combine that with slugs and it’s very easy to miss mid range. You still really need to have them in your face. The trap, chain, unload combo works well when you can nail it but tons of characters have combos that can end in a kill. Also keep in mind Ghalt has zero escape possibility other then the trap stun and then running, so he’s not at all hard to kill. I prefer to play Phoebe over Ghalt because 90% of the time I can get away and not feed anyone XP.

I stand by my opinion that he’s not OP. He may need a little helix tuning, especially the chain doing a lot of shield damage, but other then that he’s fine. I truly have no problem against him with most characters.

I love playing Galillea and I was still quick to admit she was way overpowered and needed to be toned down. I’m not blindly trying to defend Ghalt because I don’t want people to get him nerfed because people didn’t get Galillea nerfed. The data GBX collected is what led to the tuning and will lead to more. If the numbers really do show Ghalt as being too overpowered he will be toned down, I just don’t see anywhere near the problems or killing ability in Ghalt that was in pre nerf Galillea.

I’m just saying that it could be VERY possible to get a Ghalt that can effectively 3-hit kill most non-tank characters if he has good aim at mid range and/or get into melee range. Maybe their team played exceptionally bad to give Ghalt so many chances at such (and possibly being underlevelled, which is possible if Ghalt already has double barrels), along with possibly said Ghalt having a pocket healer to make escape not quite as critical. Ghalt moreso than Mike requires a very good FPS-twitch player to play well.

I like it.

It gives a certain realism to the game.

Yeah, but you see the issue if they let you shot through your allies? You can have a tank just block the enemy shots from the dps as he dps just shot through the tank.

This is really annoying.

I have not encountered this, but I have had invisible walls screw up my flying as Benedict in PvE.

They need to keep collision in the game, they just have to make it less clunky. A small minion should not be able to body block Montana.

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Standing next to your own buildable turret? The turret’s shield is gonna block your shots.

I miss in other MOBAs how you can pass through/by your own minions/units freely while getting caught against enemies.

I think the friendly fire collition should go. Enemy minions and players should still be able to block you and pin you versus the wall though. If you ended up pinned against the wall that’s either your bad, or the enemy players are playing really well, herding you into a corner.

Invisible walls? never noticed them, and I play Thorne (arguably a sniper/marks…woman) a lot.