In my opinion.. the collision ruins this game

This is already the case… Only the mercenary minions block you… But that kinda makes sense right?

No. As montana and others I play, I get blocked by our own basic minions.

I’m a few days late to this party, but totally on board with all the collision-haters. Overall, I really like the game, but the collision is so incredibly frustrating that I’ve stopped playing for hours at a time because of it—I need to take a while to cool down after getting hosed by collision issues. I’ve gotten boxed in by teammates/party members, I’ve had lots of shots blocked by someone trying to dodge and weave past me quickly, I’ve gotten slaughtered by Benedict’s shoes getting caught on the lip of a jump pad and not being able to properly walk onto it to escape an attack. I would love to see 90% of the collision in this game get tossed; it’s just horrific.

this is all i need to read… No point having a tanking type people with shields and letting people behind him fire freely. I like the colision, sure i gets in the way but otherwise it’ll just be meh to me