In need of a Longbow Slag Singularity Grenade

Hey guys this is my first post and I haven’t been able to find a 0 fuse time longbow slag singularity grenade for Zero preferably a low level one mainly for farming Hyperius. If anyone has one that would be great otherwise I just need to know where to farm for one. Thanks

I’m on ps4 by the way

I have a 0 fuse one but it’s lobbed - would that be a good enough substitute in a pinch?

Sure that works thanks, what’s your psn? I’ll be on in 3 hrs

Same as username on here, hopefully I’ll still be around, I’m on uk time

I have one I can drop for you. I’m on most nights 10:30 est. PSN: Sun_TsuNami

Edit: What level?

Any preferably a low level one

Ah I missed the low level part mine is op8 :frowning: